Millennial Filler Trends For 2023

February 13, 2023

millennial filler trends for 2023

It’s official — the majority of Millennials are now in their mid-to-late 30s (and beyond). This means that many of our Millennial-aged clients are beginning to seek out treatments to address age-related changes in their skin and facial structure. And one of the most common services among this age cohort is quickly becoming (drumroll, please!) … facial fillers.

However, Millennials have seen the “obvious” filler of their parents’ generation, as well as the “filter face” aesthetic popular among Gen Z, and, by contrast, Millennials tend to want subtle, extremely natural-looking enhancements. We often hear these clients say things like, “I want to look like myself, just refreshed,” or “I want to look five years younger, but I still want to look like me.

Because of this, we anticipate a number of Millennial filler trends in 2023…

Jaw and Chin Filler 

Jaw and chin fillers aren’t just for building a more chiseled jawline. A skilled injector will utilize them to create the illusion of a tighter and firmer jowl area, without significantly altering the appearance of the face overall. The lower face is one of the first places we begin to see signs of age, making this one of the most common concerns for Millennials right now.


Millennial filler trend

Jawline filler to reduce appearance of age-related “saggy jowl.”

Upper Cheek Filler For Lower Face Sagging

It may seem counterintuitive, but filler placed in the upper face can have a significant and positive effect on the lower face. We lose collagen and volume in our upper faces as we age, which can cause the lower face to sag. Subtly re-volumizing the upper cheeks will revitalize the lower face and help smooth out expression lines around the mouth.


Upper cheek filler to treat smile lines and nasolabial folds.


Scultpra is a unique filler that activates your body’s own collagen-regeneration response, restoring and supporting volume for more youthful-looking skin. It’s injected over the course of three sessions spaced one month apart, and results last up to two years.


Sculptra on Marionette lines after 2 sessions. Continued improvement expected after third session.

(Note, our Millennial clients are also all about collagen induction therapy in general, with TriLift Non-Surgical Rejuvenation currently our most popular treatment in this category. TriLift causes your body to regenerate collagen in the cheeks and lower face while rejuvenating facial muscles that sag and deflate with age).


Effects of TriLift on nasolabial folds.

Basically, Millennial filler trends in 2023 are about reversing signs of age without significantly altering the balance or structure of the face. And while TikTok and reality television might make the average person think that all filler will look obvious, the reality is a skilled injector will help you turn back the clock without making you look fake or overfilled.