Neck Rejuvenation


non-surgical neck treatments la

Lateral lines around the neck, as well as skin laxity or “turkey neck” are an incredibly common concern among our clients. This is because the neck is one of the first places so show change as we lose collagen with age. The neck also typically has less adipose tissue (aka body fat) than other areas of the body, meaning the cumulative effects of collagen loss, bending our heads, and basic gravity are more noticeable in this area. non surgical neck Rejuvenation los angeles

While surgical intervention provides the most dramatic results, many are not interested in the downtime or associated risks of invasive surgery (let alone the financial investment; a neck lift in Los Angeles costs an average of $15,000!).  Instead, many prefer to get a “jump start” on the aging process through non-surgical approaches and treatments. There are non-surgical approaches that improve skin laxity and increase collagen in targeted areas, while also helping to slow further signs of aging. This enables clients to delay more invasive approaches for as long as possible.

MedBeautyLA offers the following non-invasive approaches to neck rejuvenation:

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