The MedBeautyLA Dermaplaning Course

Level Up Your Aesthetician Skills with Personalized Training

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MedBeautyLA offers the most comprehensive dermaplaning class in LA. Our small class sizes guarantee personalized, hands-on training with our master esthetician, giving you a chance to level up both your skill set and resumé.

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Course Overview

The MedBeautyLA Dermaplaning Class is a full day of intensive training from 8:30am-4:30pm (meals provided). You’ll receive reading materials to review before the day of the course. The day will entail:

  • Basics of Dermaplaning + Key Contraindications;
  • Hands-On Practice time with personalized attention from instructor;
  • Training on the best treatments to pair with dermaplaning, as well as how to educate and sell these pairings to your clients;
  • Take home Dermaplane Kit to be used on 10 new clients (includes high quality surgical steel instruments, Dermaplane-brand blades, aftercare set, and more);
  • MedBeautyLA Dermaplaning Certification upon course completion.

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Why this course is a must for aestheticians looking to build their skill set and hireability —

Dermaplaning is one of the best physical exfoliation techniques in your aesthetician’s toolbox. It is safe for even sensitive and mature skin types, and it pairs beautifully with a number of other treatments. However, mastering dermaplaning takes practice. One wrong move is the difference between a happy, loyal client and an angry customer demanding a refund. Additionally, confidence in your dermaplaning technique provides you with an instant “upsell” or “add-on” in room, bringing in more revenue for both you and a potential employer.

About Joanna, Head Trainer and Director of Aesthetics:

Joanna Garcia, LE, MA, has been a practicing aesthetician for more than15 years. She has spent the majority of her career in the highly-competitive LA market, and her extensive knowledge, competency, and skilled bedside manner quickly led her to Team Leader and Head Trainer positions. She has served as Director of Aesthetics at MedBeautyLA for three years, where she trains all new estheticians and personally curates the facial and product menu.

FAQ: dermaplaning class la

Do I need to be a licensed esthetician to take the MedBeautyLA Dermaplaning Class?

You must either be a licensed esthetician or completed all course work from an accredited aesthetics school and be awaiting your exam date.

Do I need to bring a model?

You will not need to bring a model as you will practice on your fellow students.

Can I put this course on my resumé?

Absolutely! This class will provide you with a Certificate of Completion from a physician-owned medical spa in the heart of Los Angeles. Adding it to your resumé or CV is strongly encouraged.