The Hyperpigmentation Bootcamp

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hyperpigmentation bootcamp

Hyperpigmentation is the term for brown or red spots that appear on the skin, often due to age, inflammation from past breakouts, or sun exposure. After four years of treating clients with this condition and testing the latest products and in-office treatments, our team of skin care experts created The MedBeautyLA Hyperpigmentation Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is a structured, targeted approach to treating hyperpigmentation. It’s designed to give you the fastest, most effective results possible with personalized support and guidance. hyperpigmentation treatments los angeles

How Does The Hyperpigmentation Bootcamp Work?

The bootcamp begins with a full skin consultation and analysis. After assessing your skin and learning about your lifestyle and routines, our team curates a customized bootcamp for you and your specific needs.

What Will My Hyperpigmentation Bootcamp Look Like?

A Sample Bootcamp entails:

  • Deep Chemical Peel
  • Deep Hydration Facial to prep your skin for next steps
  • 6 laser facials, spaced 4 weeks apart

Sample At-Home Routine (included in plan)

  • Senté HSA Tone Corrector
  • SkinBetter Science™ SPF 

Real Patient Results

hyperpigmentation bootcamp la

hyperpigmentation skinbetter science

hyperpigmentation bootcamp skin la

Time to Results hyperpigmentation treatments los angeles

Time to final results is 5-6 months, but you’ll likely begin to see noticeable improvements by 8-12 weeks. There is no “quick fix” when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation, but the good news is the treatments available are highly effective.

How Important Is The At-Home Skin Care Portion of the Bootcamp?

Consistent and dedicated use of your pigment corrector and daily SPF (applied regularly) is extremely important. The Senté Tone Corrector will help break up the areas of hyperpigmentation on your skin, enhancing and complimenting your in-office treatments. Additionally, a quality SPF is vital for skin health and safety during your bootcamp.

Is the Acne Bootcamp Less Expensive Than Paying Session-by-Session?

Yes! This is because your medical-grade skin care products are included, free-of-charge, in your bootcamp. This results in savings of over $200.

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