Can I get IPL, BBL, ResurFX, or other laser treatments the same day I get Botox?

Yes! We would just be sure to schedule your Botox *after* your IPL/BBL/ResurFX/laser facial as you should not recline for four hours after receiving Botox. downtown la laser facial

Can I get a facial the same day I get Botox? facial downtown la

Yes! Much as with IPL/BBL/ResurFX and laser facials, you can absolutely get a facial and Botox on the same day. We would just schedule your Botox *after* your facial as you should not recline for four hours after receiving Botox.

Do you recommend Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin?

MedBeautyLA offers Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin and we genuinely do not have a preference for one wrinkle treatment over another. There are slight differences in all three products, and we will make our recommendation after listening to a client’s specific needs and preferences. filler downtown la. filler downtown la. filler in downtown la

If you still have questions on this topic, we suggest reading “Botox versus Dysport: What’s The Real Difference?” over on the MedBeautyLA blog. downtown la dysport. downtown la botox. downtown la xeomin

Does MedBeautyLA offer CO2 lasers or other ablative laser treatments?

No, MedBeautyLA does not offer CO2 laser or ablative laser treatments. This is because there are now numerous non-ablative lasers on the market that provide equally effective results without the pain or downtime of ablative lasers. MedBeautyLA specifically uses the Stellar M22 laser device by Lumenis. downtown la laser facial

The Stellar M22 accommodates IPL photofacials, BBL photofacials, ResurFX resurfacing treatments for skin tone and texture, melasma treatments, and laser hair removal. It features the safest, most advanced, and most clinically-effective laser treatments on the market today. downtown la ipl. downtown la bbl

How much does filler at MedBeautyLA cost?

Providing accurate pricing for dermal filler without an in-person consultation is extremely difficult, as each client’s unique needs and goals will require different filler treatments. Additionally, different types of filler are used for different areas of the face, and each type has a slightly different price point. MedBeautyLA’s filler selection, however, includes Restylane fillers like Restylane Kysse and Restylane Contour, Juvedérm fillers like Voluma and Volbella, and RHA fillers like RHA2, RHA3, RHA4, and Redensity. Vollure, Volux, Restylane Defyne, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Refyne

Is there parking at MedBeautyLA?

MedBeautyLA is located in downtown Los Angeles. There is metered parking nearby as well as several cash lots on our street. We recommend clients arrive 10 minutes early in order to find parking. facial downtown la

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