Botox® for Hair Loss


Botox for hair loss la

Of all the non-surgical hair loss treatment options currently available, Botox® for hair loss is quickly becoming a client-favorite. This is in large part because this non-invasive treatment is extremely comfortable, entails zero downtime, and is significantly more affordable than surgical options. Botox for hair loss la

How does Botox® for hair loss work?

Botox® for hair restoration (or “Botulinum toxin type A,” as it is formally known) is a fairly simple procedure. Botox is injected into targeted points on the scalp, ultimately relaxing the scalp muscles and increasing blood flow to the area. This brings increased oxygen to the hair follicles, which can stimulate hair regrowth. In a pilot study conducted in 2017, 80% of participants reported “good to excellent” results with treatment. Photos taken 24 weeks (6 months) after one treatment supported these results.

Is Botox® for hair growth permanent?

As with all Botox® and Botox®-like treatments, results are not permanent. Re-treatment will be necessary 2-3 times per year to encourage blood flow to the scalp. This is because our bodies metabolize Botulinum toxin type A over a series of several months. Many of our clients still prefer this option to hair transplants, as hair transplants are painful, costly, and not guaranteed to work.Botox for hair loss la

How much Botox® will I need?Botox for hair loss la

Most clients will receive about 150 units of Botox total — or five units in 30 injection sites. Your injector will target the injections in the areas most affected by hair loss.

Who is a good candidate for Botox® for hair loss?

Clients experiencing male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness (a.k.a. androgenetic alopecia) are excellent candidates for treatment . Furthermore, your provider will assess you during your initial consult to ensure you are an appropriate candidate/it is effective for your hair loss type.

Does Scalp Botox® Hurt?

As with all Botox® treatments, the process is extremely tolerable! The needle used is extremely small and no numbing gel is needed. The entire appointment will take approximately 10 minutes.

How much will treatment cost?

Cost of treatment depends on a variety of factors, especially geographic location and the experience level of your provider. Most doctor’s and med spa offices charge an average of $16/unit (with about 150 units total per session). We recommend calling to inquire about specific pricing, as many providers offer a set package price.

Can I use Dysport® or other neurotoxins instead of Botox®?

Yes! Botox® is only one form of neuro-therapy for hair regrowth. Other brands like Dysport®, Daxxify®, Jeuveau®, and Xeomin® will all yield similar results.

Can I combine scalp Botox® with other treatments?

Absolutely! We recommend combining scalp Botox® with microneedling for hair loss as well as with exosomes therapy. These treatments can all be done on the same day and require zero down time. Your provider may also recommend oral or topical minoxidil, which is proven to work even better when used with these other non-surgical options.

I’ve heard of PRP therapy for hair loss – is this the same thing?

No. PRP for hair loss and Botox® for hair loss are two different treatments. PRP entails injecting platelet-rich plasma into the scalp. The platelets are derived from the client’s own blood and contain human growth factor. Botox® supports hair growth by relaxing the muscles in the scalp, which promotes blood flow and oxygen to the follicles. PRP and Botox can, however, be used in combination with one another.

However, our office prefers exosomes therapy to PRP, as it delivers growth factor and stem cells to the scalp with even better clinical results.

Are there side effects?

There are no reported side effects in any of the studies conducted on Botox® for hair growth and it is considered an extremely safe treatment. Regardless, as with all medical aesthetic procedures, we always recommend selecting an experienced and reputable provider.

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