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If you’re in your 30s and beyond, there’s a good chance you’ve begun noticing changes to your skin. Maybe it’s expression lines on the forehead, creases around the eyes (the dreaded “Crow’s Feet”), or indentations around your mouth that are visible even when you’re not smiling. And while these changes are 100% normal and natural, they can have a very real impact on our self-confidence. This is why we created the Fine Line Busting Bootcamp for our clients.

Our Fine Line Bootcamp is a comprehensive approach to fine lines and wrinkles that treats the underlying cause of skin aging while also providing immediate improvements. Time to final results is about 12 weeks, but you will see noticeable changes to the quality and texture of your skin in as little as one month. Plus, all of the bootcamp’s medical-grade skin care is included complimentary, making it one of our most cost effective treatment plans.

What Will My Fine Line Buster Bootcamp Look Like?

1 SaltFacial – For deep exfoliation and skin rebalancing;
1 Microneedling + Exosomes Therapy – For deepest possible resurfacing and skin regeneration;
2 Under Eye Laser Treatments — For treatment of Crow’s Feet;
40 units of Daxxify – For treatment of forehead lines;
1 RF Microneedling Session with LED light – For overall resurfacing and collagen stimulation.

At-Home Skin Care Routine

Mical Oil Cleanser
SkinBetter AlphaRet Overnight Cream
SkinMedica TNS Ceramide Cream
SkinMedica SPF

How Long Until I See Results? fine line treatment la

The Fine Line Busting Bootcamp is about a 3.5 month process, but clients can begin to see changes in the texture of their skin in as early as 30 days.

How Important Is The At-Home Skin Care Portion of the Bootcamp?

Consistent use of your at-home skin care products is critical to the success of the bootcamp. The medical-grade skin care included in your customized plan will increase cell turnover and speed up recovery as we work towards retexturing and rejuvenating your skin. Not only will commitment to your at-home routine yield faster and better results, but these products will contribute to maintaining your bootcamp results even after your in-office treatments are complete.

Is the Fine Line Bootcamp Less Expensive Than Paying Session-by-Session?

Yes. This is because your personalized, medical-grade at-home skin care is included free of charge.

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