The Acne Bootcamp

Your journey to clear skin starts here.

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After treating countless acne-prone clients who came to our practice after months or years of struggling with painful breakouts, endless “miracle” products that did not work as advertised, and feelings of hopelessness about their skin, we knew something had to change in the acne-treatment space. That’s why we created the MedBeautyLA Acne Bootcamp. The acne bootcamp is the only of its kind in Los Angeles, providing an all-inclusive, targeted approach to controlling acne. Better yet? You are guided every step of the way by our small team of skincare experts. acne bootcamp los angeles

How Does the Acne Bootcamp Work? acne bootcamp los angeles

The MedBeautyLA Acne Bootcamp begins with a full in-person consultation with our owner and medical director, Dr. Lori Aliksanian. From there, we curate a 4-month plan custom-made for your specific skin. We also send you home with an at-home skin care routine with products selected specifically for you and your needs.

acne bootcamp los angeles

What Will My Acne Plan Look Like?

A sample Acne Bootcamp entails:

First Session: Consultation with Dr. Lori (prescription medication may be prescribed if needed) and a skin-balancing SaltFacial.

Second Session: Chemical Peel

Third Session: Microneedling or Laser Facial

Four Session: Microneedling or Laser Facial

Fifth Session: Refresher Facial

Sample At-Home Routine: 

SkinMedica Oxygen Wash, SkinMedica TNS Recovery Cream, SkinBetter Science AlphaRet Clearing Serum, Medical-Grade SPF

Will My Skin Purge?

Purging (as in, increased spots and breakouts) during the first few weeks of the Acne Bootcamp is definitely a possibility — especially if you are initially prescribed antibiotics or have never used a retinoid before. However, this is not a cause for concern and actually means your skin is on the road to recovery!

How Long Until I See Results?

You may begin to see a change in your skin in as early as four weeks, but real change often begins around the 8-week mark (and even then you can expect some continued purging after in-office treatments). Final results often take about 16 weeks, which is why we encourage clients to start sooner rather than later.

How Important Is the At-Home Skin Care Portion of the Bootcamp?

Consistent use of your at-home skin care products is critical to the success of the bootcamp. There’s a saying among aestheticians that skin care is 20% in-office treatments, 80% what you are doing daily at home. (Think of it as going to the gym, but not following it up with nutritious meals and proper hydration).

Is the Acne Bootcamp Less Expensive Than Paying Session-by-Session?

Yes. This is because your personalized, medical-grade at-home skin care is included.

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