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MedBeautyLA is the premiere spot for Botox® in downtown Los Angeles. Our small team of dedicated expert injectors are all about listening to your aesthetic goals and ensuring that you get customized results. From “baby Botox,” lip flips, traptox, Nefertiti lifts, eyebrow lift Botox®, masseter Botox®, DAO Botox® for frown lines, to full face rejuvenation, we’re here to help.

What is Botox®?

Botox® is a neuromodulator derived from botulinum toxin and is a safe, effective way to address facial lines that occur from making repeated expressions. The treatment requires no downtime and entails very little discomfort, making it one of the country’s top cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation.

Why is Botox® so popular?

Botox® is used to treat a variety of concerns, including, but not limited to:

  • Crow’s Feet;
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows (11’s);
  • Horizontal forehead lines;
  • Bunny lines on either side of the nose;
  • Frown lines around the mouth (DAO Botox);
  • Neck lines or bands;
  • Upper lip enhancement (lip flip);
  • Brow Lift;
  • TMJ + Jawline Slimming;
  • Excessive Underarm Sweating;
  • Calf Shaping

Botox LA

Unlike injectable fillers, which restore volume by “filling in” facial lines and creases, Botox® works as a neuromodulator, meaning it relaxes the muscles that form your everyday expressions. When you smile, frown, laugh, or look concerned or worried, the underlying facial muscles contract. Over time, the lines and creases that result from these expressions become permanent.

Because Botox® relaxes the expression muscles responsible for wrinkles, it not only corrects current lines but also helps prevent future ones from forming. This makes Botox® a great preventative treatment for aging. If you’re wondering when you should begin treatment, check out our blog on, “When Should I Start Getting Botox?

What to Expect From Your Botox® Procedure

Our expert injectors use ultrafine needles when administering Botox® injections, which helps limit pain and discomfort, and you will see noticeable results in anywhere from 7 to 14 days after treatment. Since the procedure is fast (typically between 15-20 minutes) and requires no downtime, you can expect little to no interruption to your day.

What is a Lip Flip?

A lip flip uses Botox® or a similar product, like Dysport and Xeomin, to create the appearance of a fuller upper lip — without the use of lip filler. Injections relax the orbicularis oris muscle, which causes the upper lip to “flip” outwards, and ultimately makes it look larger. A lip flip requires about 4 injections with a tiny needle, and final results are seen in 7-12 days. The treatment typically lasts 4 to 8 weeks. For more real client results, see our lip flip before and afters here.

lip flip before and after

What Is DAO Botox®?

DAO Botox® relaxes the depressor anguli oris (DAO) muscle, which is responsible for the downturn of our mouths when we frown. As we get older, the DAO muscle weakens, resulting in a downturned mouth even when our faces are at rest. With enough time, this can create “marionette lines,” or the lines that begin at the corners of our mouths and extend towards the chin. Botox® injected into the DAO muscle inhibit its ability to contract, which ultimately softens frown lines and helps rejuvenate the lower face. DAO injections lasts 4-6 months and DAO Botox® dosing requires about 4-8 units per side (though some patients may require more depending on muscle strength). DAO Botox® cost varies by geographic location and the skill and experience level of your provider.

DAO Botox

What’s Traprox?

Traptox is an abbreviation for trapezius muscle Botox, aka Botox® injected into the muscles between our shoulder blades. Relaxing out trapezius, or “traps,” slims the neck and upper back, creating a more delicate and refined silhouette. Traptox has the additional benefit of relieving shoulder and neck tension (in fact, this is the main reason many patients seek out treatment). Traptox dosing typically entails 20-30 units per side (or 40 to 60 units total), and results last 4-6 months. Traptox cost varies by provider, with some offices charging per unit and others charging a flat fee. As with all other Botox® treatments, traptox can be achieved with any nueromodulator, including Dysport®, Daxxify®, Xeomin®, and others.

What’s The Deal With Calf Botox®?

Simply put, calf Botox®, or a Botox® calf reduction, slims the calf. It does so by relaxing the gastrocnemius muscle, which is the most superficial muscle in the calf and can create a “bulky” look in some people. Calf Botox lasts 4-6 months, though many patients see longer-lasting results with repeated treatments. As with all neuromodulators, calf Botox® pricing is dependent on variables like location and experience level of your provider. Dosing for calf muscle Botox® is typically 100-180 units per side.

Does Botox® Have Side Effects?

There are few if any Botox® side effects, especially when you choose an experienced injector. You could experience mild bruising, swelling, redness, soreness, and a mild headache. Within 7 days after your Botox® injection, you’ll begin to look more youthful and rejuvenated. For more on what to expect, as well as  how to minimize any potential side effects, check out our blogs on how to best prepare for botox and avoid bruising and  “The Truth About Botox — From Someone Who Gets It Regularly!”

Other Treatment Options for Facial Wrinkles

Though it may be the most popular wrinkle treatment on the market, Botox® is not the only neuromodulator that treats facial lines and wrinkles. Dysport® is another injectable that’s excellent for correcting forehead lines and Crow’s Feet. It’s known for delivering results slightly more quickly and spreading over a slightly larger area than Botox® in some patients. Here are some of the key differences between Botox® and Dysport®.

Xeomin® is another injectable for treating facial lines and creases. Composed of a purer form of the botulinum molecule than Botox®, it offers a “lighter” feel that some patients prefer.

Daxxify® is in a family of medicines known as neuromodulators, which include drugs like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. While other leading brands on the market require re-treatment every three to four months to maintain results, Daxxify is formulated to last up to six. Daxxify also entails a shorter “settling” period, meaning you’ll see your final results faster. Check out before and after photos of Daxxify here.

When visiting MedBeautyLA, we’ll provide a customized treatment and help you choose a neuromodulator that’s perfect for your specific needs, allowing you to look as youthful and as refreshed as possible.

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