Daxxify Review + Real Before & After Photos

March 29, 2023

Daxxify before and after photos It’s another Daxxify post! Many consumers interested in age-prevention and wrinkle-reduction are intrigued by Daxxify. And for good reason: It’s Botox’s latest competitor and reportedly kicks in faster and lasts up to six months. Because of increased client curiosity I decided to try Daxxify first-hand in order to report what it actually feels like and how it affected my forehead lines and wrinkles. Below is my honest Daxxify review and Daxxify before and after photos.

(Note: Yes — I did receive this treatment for free because I (spoiler!) work at MedBeautyLA. However, it is our mission to be honest and transparent about our products and services. We only offer what is clinically-proven to work and what we can enthusiastically recommend to our patients).

My Daxxify Before Photos

daxxify before and after

Neutral expression.


daxxify before and after

Eyebrows raised. Expression lines visible.

My Daxxify After Photos (3 Days Post-Injection)

Daxxify after photo

Neutral expression.


Eyebrows raised. Expression lines significantly less visible. Minor brow asymmetry due to stronger muscles on my right side.

Daxxify Before and After Photo Side-By-Side

Bottom photo is 3 days post-injection.

My Daxxify Review

I am honestly incredibly impressed with how fast Daxxify immobilized by forehead lines. The results I saw by Day 3 were closer to Day 11 or 12 with Botox. This meant that the awkward “settling” period was greatly reduced (all Botox/Dysport/Xeomin lovers know what I’m talking about!). It also meant that my provider was able to address subtle touch ups much sooner. In my case, my right brow pulls stronger than my left, as you can see in the above pre-touch up photos.

Additionally, the actual feeling of Daxxify feels identical to Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin — all of which I have tried in the past. I don’t feel the “heavy brow” effect that can sometimes accompany neurotoxins.

Bottom line? I love how fast Daxxify works and honestly don’t know if I will ever have the patience for slower-acting products again now that I’ve tried something that kicks in so fast. I’m now excited to see if it truly lasts up to six months. If so, game-changer.

Update – 3/31/23

We wanted to include some recent client photos since our clients are loving their fast-acting Daxxify results as well! We’ll continue to update results as they come.

Daxxify results

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