LipLase Costs: What to Expect

July 11, 2023

LipLase, aka laser lip plumping, uses laser energy to increase the natural volume and plumpness of the lips. It's an alternative to injectables, and many clients voice interest in a modality that maintains their natural lip shape. While we're getting an increasing number of questions about laser lip plumping, the most common question is often [...]

Why The Best HydraFacial in L.A. Isn’t a HydraFacial At All…

July 6, 2023

It happens at least several times a week: A potential new client calls our office and asks if we offer The HydraFacial™. We tell them no, we don't. Well, not exactly. Our practice firmly believes in the med in med spa, meaning that the treatments we offer have been carefully researched, vetted, and yield proven results [...]

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