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At MedBeautyLA, we assess each client and curate a personalized acne treatment plan tailored to their specific needs, lifestyle, and skin type. A typical treatment plan entails a combination approach of in-office sessions paired with medical-grade at-home skin care, resulting in consistently clearer skin. Additionally, as a physician-owned medical spa, we only offer the most data-backed and clinically proven products and modalities. (And don’t forget to ask us about our 4-month Acne Bootcamp, which provides clients with an even more targeted approach to their acne plan.) acne specialist los angeles

Our most common in-office acne treatments include The Acne FacialThe SaltFacialchemical peels, and laser treatments. We also carry a curated, hand-selected line of medical-grade skin care specifically designed to treat sensitive and acne-prone skin types, and our small, dedicated team of skin care professionals is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Which Acne Treatment Is Right For Me? acne specialist los angeles

The best treatment for you (medical-grade facials, targeted serums, laser treatment, etc.) will depend on a variety of factors, such as your Fitzpatrick type (how much melanin one has in their skin), your level of regular sun exposure, skin sensitivity levels, and more. This is why we always recommend coming in for an in-person consult so that we may assess your skin in person.

How Long Will It Take To Clear Up My Skin?

The key to clearer skin is time and consistency. We have some clients who begin to see results in as little as four weeks, and others whose skin can take closer to four months. No two clients are the same, so no two treatment plans or timeline are the same either.

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