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Exosomes are nutrient-rich cells derived from human stem cells. They contain a potent mix of proteins, lipids, amino acids, and growth factor. Furthermore, they are quickly outpacing treatments like PRP microneedling and vampire facials. Our office now exclusively uses exosomes over other therapies due to their lower risk and clinically-proven effectiveness. Below are the most commonly-asked FAQs about exosomes to help you on your aesthetics journey!

What Do Exosomes Look Like?

Our exosomes arrive frozen in small vials for the utmost freshness and potency. After defrosting, the exosomes are a gel-like consistency which makes them ideal for topical application. Our exosomes are used within minutes of defrosting to ensure the highest levels of biogenesis.

Where Do Exosomes Come From?

Exosomes are derived from donated placenta cells in sterile, medical-grade labs. They are screened for all potential disease and blood-born pathogens before isolation and shipping. These placenta cells are considered the “gold standard” in cell health and restorative properties, as growth factors extracted from the human body (including those from plasma) lose potency as we age.

What is Exosomes Microneedling?

Microneedling with exosomes is exactly what it sounds like! Your provider applies fresh exosomes to your skin directly after microneedling. (Exosomes pair excellently with RF microneedling and laser treatments as well). This reduces post-procedure redness, expedites healing, and — best of all — promotes collagen production and increased skin elasticity. Scalp microneedling with exosomes has also been shown to promote hair growth more than microneedling alone.

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Exosomes vs. PRP: Why Are Exosomes Better?

This is a question we get a lot these days. The answer is simple: PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is limited by the health and age of the client. This means that a healthy 20 year old will receive a more beneficial PRP treatment than someone twice their age. Exosomes, by contrast, guarantee the most potent and beneficial cells every single time as they are derived from healthy, quality-controlled stem cells. For more details, we have an entire blog post dedicated to the topic of Exosomes vs PRP!

What About Exosomes For Hair Loss? exosomes hair loss

Exosomes for hair loss, also called exosomes microneedling for hair loss, is a fantastic option for hair restoration. Your provider applies numbing gel to the scalp, microneedles the target area, then instantly applies topical exosomes. The channels created by the microneedling allow the nutrient-rich exosomes to penetrate deeply and promote hair growth. Clinical studies indicate that microneedling with exosomes for hair loss is more effective than PRP microneedling for hair loss, as exosomes contain over 300 more growth factors.

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Do Exosomes Hurt?

Not at all! If anything, the application of exosomes directly post treatment calms the skin and reduces irritation. The below photo illustrates the “exosomes difference.”

Are Exosomes Safe?

Exosomes are an extremely safe add-on to aesthetic treatments. Additionally, they entail less risk than traditional PRP treatments. This is because PRP requires an in-office blood draw, and such procedures always carry some risk of infection or cross-contamination. By comparison, our exosomes are tested in a lab to ensure the utmost quality.

Side Effects of Exosomes

There are no known side effects to topical exosomes therapy. However, in theory, exosomes taken from unhealthy cells could promote a negative outcome. This is why selecting a reputable provider who uses lab-tested exosomes is always recommended.

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