Microneedling with Exosomes: Before and After Photos

September 4, 2023

If you follow the latest developments in aesthetics, you probably know that “exosomes” is one of the latest buzzwords. And for good reason! Exosomes are nanoparticals that activate our body’s healing and regeneration response. They contain a nutrient-rich mix of peptides, proteins, lipids, and growth factors. Plus, they are 100 times more potent than PRP treatments and vampire facials. Microneedling with exosomes targets fine lines, sun damage, and acne scars. However, a picture is a worth a thousand words … which is why we’ve compiled some recent microneedling exosomes before and after photos. The below photos — all from real MedBeautyLA clients — illustrate the difference exosomes make on the initial day of treatment, during the recovery process, and final results.

exosomes before and after

But first, some quick microneedling basics: Microneedling is a treatment that causes controlled micro-injuries to the skin. This sends a signal to your body to heal and regenerate at the treatment area. The results? Regenerated, more youthful skin. Numbing gel is applied before treatment, meaning patients are incredibly comfortable throughout the process.

Now, on to those microneedling exosomes before and afters from real MedBeautyLA patients.

Patient Immediately After Microneedling Treatment

exosome therapy

Another Patient, 24 hours After Microneedling + Exosomes

exosomes skin

Note the non-exosomes side appears more inflamed and “angrier” than the exosomes-side of face.

Same Patient, Four Days Post-Treatment

exosome microneedling before and after

(Notice faster healing on exosome side. Persistent peeling on non-exosome side)

Same Patient After Full Face Exosomes Treatment

exosomes and microneedling

Notice the significant difference in skin tone and texture. 

Why Does Microneedling with Exosomes Cost More than Just Microneedling Alone?

Exosomes are isolated in a lab and sourced from the highest quality biological samples. Once delivered to a doctor’s office or medical spa, they must be handled by a trained provider in order to ensure proper application — thereby ensuring the most effective results. The good news? Unlike PRP, exosomes do not require a blood draw, meaning zero risk of infection, contamination, or complications. Additionally, unlike PRP therapy and vampire facials — which are limited by the health and age of the client — exosomes offer complete quality control.

Are Exosomes the same as PRP?

No. While based on a similar concept, exosomes and PRP are not the same. PRP uses a client’s own blood to attain growth factors. This means, however, that PRP is limited by the health and age of the client. Exosomes are derived from placenta cells. This means that you are getting the healthiest, most nutrient-rich cells possible. Additionally, there is no risk of infection because there is no in-office blood draw. Some clients come to our site to find microneedling PRP before and after photos — but they won’t find them! Our office exclusively offers exosomes with microneedling due to the better clinical results.

The bottom line: Microneedling with exosomes is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that targets fine lines, redness, scarring, and brown spots from sun exposure. It also produces collagen and elastin, which are key to maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Optimal results can be seen in as little as three sessions. Noticeable improvements can often be seen after just one. It is one of our most popular treatments and beneficial for all skin types.




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