Renuva® vs. HA Filler: Which Is Better?

February 26, 2024

  Heard about Renuva® and wondering which treatment is better: Renuva vs. HA filler?  The honest answer is it depends on your specific needs and goals. Read on to get the lowdown on the difference between these two injectable treatments. Firstly, What Is HA Filler? Renuva® vs. HA filler HA (hyaluronic acid) filler is what [...]

Facial Balancing Before and Afters (Because You Asked!)

February 26, 2024

  Facial balancing with filler and Botox® is currently all over Instagram and TikTok. Celebrity injectors, influencers, and everyday people are posting about it seemingly hourly. However, the truth of the matter is facial balancing is nothing new. Aesthetic injectors have been using dermal filler and neuromodulators like Botox® to achieve increased facial balance and [...]

Kybella Before and After Photos

October 18, 2023

We've written extensively about the actual Kybella process in past posts (how Kybella works; if Kybella hurts; etc.). But we've yet to post a blog on perhaps the most important part of the treatment process: Kybella before and after photos and real patient results. This post contains recent results from actual MedBeautyLA clients. Several [...]

What Is SkinVive By Juvéderm? All Your Questions Answered

October 10, 2023

SkinVive is the latest addition to the Juvéderm family of fillers (others include Vollure, Voluma, Volbella, Volux, and Ultra). However, unlike traditional fillers, SkinVive is specifically designed to improve skin quality, resilience, and elasticity while also smoothing the skin and restoring a youthful glow. what is skinvive by Juvederm How Does SkinVive Work? SkinVive's key [...]

LipLase Before And Afters — Real Results From Our Office

August 14, 2023

LipLase, or laser lip plumping, has quickly become one of our favorite in-office treatments. It's a non-invasive, natural method of plumping the lips without the use of injectables. Instead of traditional lip filler, clients come for five, 10-minute weekly laser treatments targeting the upper lip, lower lip, or both. This results in a short-term and [...]

Lip Filler in L.A. – Why You Should Be Careful

August 2, 2023

The subject of this blog post might sound alarming, and in all's intentional. As a physician-owned med spa located in the heart of downtown L.A., clients often come to us after a negative experience somewhere else. Their stories are eerily similar: They searched for the cheapest lip filler price they could find and are [...]

LipLase Costs: What to Expect

July 11, 2023

LipLase, aka laser lip plumping, uses laser energy to increase the natural volume and plumpness of the lips. It's an alternative to injectables, and many clients voice interest in a modality that maintains their natural lip shape. While we're getting an increasing number of questions about laser lip plumping, the most common question is often [...]

Nose Filler Cost — What Should I Expect?

June 15, 2023

Results after one syringe of filler. Injector: Dr. Lori Aliksanian Nose filler, also called "non-surgical rhinoplasty," entails injecting the nose with filler in order to refine the overall shape and aesthetic. The effects are immediate and last up to 18 months, and also allow clients to avoid the downtime of invasive surgery. While [...]

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