LipLase Before And Afters — Real Results From Our Office

August 14, 2023

LipLase, or laser lip plumping, has quickly become one of our favorite in-office treatments. It’s a non-invasive, natural method of plumping the lips without the use of injectables. Instead of traditional lip filler, clients come for five, 10-minute weekly laser treatments targeting the upper lip, lower lip, or both. This results in a short-term and long-term plumping effect which can last up to 24 months. Laser lip plumping can be done completely on its own or as an addition to lip filler for an even fuller effect. liplase before and after

An increasing number of our clients have been asking about LipLase and are also eager to see LipLase before and afters. Because of this, we have been documenting treatment on staff in order to showcase real LipLase results.

Real LipLase Before and After Photos (upper lip only)

The below staff member opted for upper lip enhancement only. 



lip lase before and after profile

As you can see from the above LipLase before and afters, the treatment provides a subtle yet beautiful plumping effect on the upper lip.

LipLase FAQs

Does LipLase hurt?

No! Laser lip plumping is so tolerable that it does not even require a topical numbing gel (unlike a number of other laser services). However, you will want to avoid hot and spicy foods for three days post-treatment as it can aggravate the treatment area.

What If I Can’t Make It To An Appointment Every Week?

This is totally fine! We recommend spacing your appointments one week apart so that you will achieve your final results as soon as possible, but your final outcome will not be affected if appointments are spaced two or even three weeks apart.

Are There Any Special Post-Care Instructions?

As with any laser treatment, you must be extremely sun-safe for the seven days post-treatment. This means applying SPF 50 around your lips when outside and reapplying every two hours. You also should avoid serious sun exposure in the week leading up to treatment as well.

Additional LipLase Benefits liplase before and afters

Laser lip plumping not only plumps the lips, but it also contributes to a more youthful appearance overall. This is because the distance between our upper lip and nose — aka the philtrum distance — increases with age. Decreasing this distance by even a few millimeters via lip plumping helps us look younger.

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