The Acne Scar Bootcamp

acne scar bootcamp

Acne scarring is a common complication of acne and can have a major impact on self-image and self-confidence. One recent study even found a link between acne scarring and avoidant social behaviors (aka, self-isolation). This is why our team of experts created the Acne Scar Bootcamp. It’s a targeted 4-month bootcamp consisting of both in-office treatments and at-home products, and it’s specifically designed to drastically improve your acne scars. acne scar treatment los angeles

How Does The Acne Scar Bootcamp Work? acne scar treatment los angeles

The bootcamp begins with an in-person consultation with our owner and medical director, Dr. Aliksanian. She will determine which treatment options are best suited to your specific skin and needs, and our team of skin care experts will curate a custom treatment plan from there. We will also send you home with at-home, medical-grade skin care products designed to compliment your in-office treatments and enhance your results.


acne scarring bootcamp

What Will My Acne Scar Bootcamp Look Like?

A Sample Acne Scar Bootcamp entails:

(3) microneedling sessions spaced one month apart

(1) resurfacing laser session

(1) The SaltFacial (you can learn more about the medical-grade SaltFacial here)

Sample At-Home Routine (included in plan)

SkinBetter Science™ Oxygen Infusion Wash, SkinBetter Science™ AlphaRet Overnight Cream, SkinMedica™ TNS Ceramide Cream, medical-grade SPF


acne scars

How Long Until I See Results? acne scar treatment los angeles

The Acne Scar Bootcamp is a 4-5 month process, but clients will begin to see changes in the texture of their skin as early as their second month. We recommend clients begin treatment as early as possible in order to achieve their final results in the shortest amount of time.

How Important Is The At-Home Skin Care Portion of the Bootcamp?

Consistent use of your at-home skin care products is critical to the success of the bootcamp. The medical-grade skin care included in your customized plan will increase cell turnover and speed up recovery as we work towards retexturing and rebalancing your skin. Not only will commitment to your at-home routine yield faster and better results, but you will have healthier, more balanced skin even after completion of the bootcamp.

Is the Acne Bootcamp Less Expensive Than Paying Session-by-Session?

Yes. This is because your personalized, medical-grade at-home skin care is included.

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