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At MedBeautyLA, we believe that no two clients are the same, so no two treatment plans should be either. Whether you’re beginning to notice fine lines around the eyes, a less defined jawline, brown spots on your face and nose, or something else entirely, our team of experts will work with you to target the problem and get you results. anti-aging treatments for men in los angeles

Why Customized Treatment Plans Matter

In aesthetics, there are often several approaches to achieving the same end goal. However, not every option is right for every individual. Laser treatments are fantastic for targeting sun spots and redness — but not if the client spends significant time outdoors. Jawline filler can instantly enhance a sagging lower face, but some clients prefer a gradual, less invasive approach, like collagen regeneration therapies. A dedicated, at-home skin care routine can yield tremendous results, but only if a client is prescribed products they will actually use and that fit their specific lifestyle and routines. Our half-a-decade in practice has taught us that the more tailor-made the plan, the greater its success.

Where Do I Start? anti-aging treatments for men in los angeles

We strongly suggest that every new client schedules an initial consultation with our owner and Medical Director, Dr. Aliksanian. This is a time for you to share your concerns, learn about targeted treatment options, and ask any and all questions you may have. You will then be armed with information when taking your next step.

What Types of Treatments Are Available? anti-aging treatments for men in los angeles

As a comprehensive aesthetics practice, we offer a number of modalities for addressing a wide variety of conditions and concerns. We treat under eye hollows, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, broken capillaries, “love handles,” and more. We offer dermal filler, Botox (or “Brotox” as many of our male clients have taken to calling it), skin resurfacing treatments, and hair restoration therapies. The key is selecting the modality option that’s right for you and your needs.

What are the Costs?

Consultations with Dr. Aliksanian are $150, and we apply this total towards any same-day treatments or treatments booked within two weeks. We find that most clients find their consultation time with Dr. Aliksanian invaluable for gaining a general knowledge and understanding of the options available, regardless of whether they opt for further treatment. anti-aging treatments for men

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