Facial Balancing Before and Afters (Because You Asked!)

February 26, 2024


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Facial balancing with filler and Botox® is currently all over Instagram and TikTok. Celebrity injectors, influencers, and everyday people are posting about it seemingly hourly. However, the truth of the matter is facial balancing is nothing new. Aesthetic injectors have been using dermal filler and neuromodulators like Botox® to achieve increased facial balance and harmony for decades … we just didn’t call it anything. In essense, facial balancing is a cultural re-brand of something that has already been happening for years. Facial Balancing Before and Afters la

However, in fairness, there was arguably a need for this rebrand. The trend of overfilling, or filling one specific area of the face without considering a patient’s face as a whole, has become increasingly common in recent years. This has unfortunately led to a backlash against otherwise safe and beneficial in-office procedures. A provider who refers to treatment as “facial balancing” is likely attempting to communicate that they aim to achieve measured, natural-looking results that fit your specific face (aka, no duck lips!).

See below for some of our most gorgeous-yet-subtle facial balancing results from real MedBeauty clients. Facial Balancing Before and Afters LA

facial balancing jaw los angeles

Achieved increased proportionality in lower face with chin and jawline filler.


facial balancing lips los angeles

Upper lip balancing with nueromodulators (aka, a Botox® lip flip).


facial balancing nose los angeles

Increased facial harmony with non-surgical rhinoplasty.


before and after masseter Botox

Lower face harmony achieved through masseter Botox.


facial balancing los angeles

Subtle, yet incredibly natural results with chin and jawline filler.

The above real MedBeautyLA client results illustrate that significant improvement can be achieved through subtle and measured adjustments from a skilled injector.

Facial Balancing FAQs

Facial Balancing Pricing: What You Need To Know

Cost of treatment is understandably on the forefront of many people’s minds. However, the reality is that accurate pricing for full or partial facial balancing is difficult to quote without an in-person assessment. This is because each face is unique, and what will be needed to achieve increased facial harmony can differ immensely from person-to-person. We always recommend scheduling an in-person consult for the most accurate pricing possible.

That being said, a range of anywhere from $1,000-$4,000 can be expected for the average client.

What Does A Facial Balancing Consult with MedBeautyLA Entail?

A consultation consists of an in-office appointment with one of our expert injectors. This is a time for your provider to assess any facial asymmetry and to also get a sense of your specific goals and needs.

It is at this time that your provider will outline their treatment plan for your specific facial structure, and you can also receive the most accurate price quote now that we have ascertained your needs. Your consult is also an opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have about treatment, and your provider will talk you through any concerns you may have. You can receive treatment same-day, or schedule for another date if preferred.

Is There Anything I Should Be Aware of Before Treatment?

In general, we advise refraining from drinking alcohol or taking aspirin or ibuprofen before your facial balancing session. These can increase your chance of visible bruising. You may also want to take arnica for the 7 days leading up to treatment as well as the three days post to further minimize bruising and swelling. Otherwise there is very little “prep” you will need to do before you appointment.

What About After My Appointment?

In general, you will be asked to refrain from rigorous exercise for the 24 hours post treatment. You should also sleep on your back for the first three days post treatment, and refrain from rubbing or putting pressure on the area for the first several days. Additionally, you should not schedule any air travel for the two weeks post treatment as it can increase the likelihood of swelling and filler migration.

Are you ready to book your facial balancing session with a MedBeautyLA provider? Contact us here to get started!