Kybella Before and After Photos

October 18, 2023

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We’ve written extensively about the actual Kybella process in past posts (how Kybella works; if Kybella hurts; etc.). But we’ve yet to post a blog on perhaps the most important part of the treatment process: Kybella before and after photos and real patient results. This post contains recent results from actual MedBeautyLA clients. Several of these clients were considering plastic surgery to treat their submental (aka double chin) area, but ultimately opted for a non-surgical route.

But Firstly: Who SHOULDN’T Get Kybella?

While this is a go-to treatment for many clients, it is also true that other non-surgical fat reduction options may be better for certain face shapes and structures. Clients who need more of a “refine” as opposed to drastic submental fat reduction tend to have better outcomes. Conversely, clients with a significant amount of under chin fat are typically better candidates for CoolSculpting.

Additionally, Kybella should be used with caution in patients with bleeding abnormalities or who are currently being treated with antiplatelet or anticoagulant therapy, as excessive bleeding or bruising in the treatment area can may occur. Patients can also not receive treatment if there is an active infection at the injection site. Your provider will always assess the treatment area before injection to ensure you are a safe candidate.

And Also … A Helpful Treatment Vlog

Below is one of our absolute favorite non-sponsored Kybella vlogs. It provides an accurate and comprehensive outline of the Kybella process from start to finish!

Now … Before And After Photos From Real MedBeautyLA Patients

Note: These photos are specifically of Kybella chin before and afters, i.e. the submental area, as opposed to off-label uses, like underarms and bra rolls. They also includes Kybella before and afters for men as well as women. Our Kybella patients typically receive 1-3 vials per session, and 2-3 sessions total.  Hopefully this will help you in your decision-making process should this be a treatment you are considering!

female kybella afters


male jawline


jawline enhancement

As with all aesthetic treatments, results may vary. We highly recommend that patients expect to receive at least 2 sessions spaced 30 days apart, with the possibility of 3 or 4 sessions total. We find that realistic expectations regarding timeline to results is the number one most important factor when it comes to patient satisfaction.

Kybella Combo Treatment Photos

While Kybella alone yields fantastic results for many clients, others use Kybella in combination with an overall treatment plan designed to target multiple aesthetic concerns on the lower face. For example, some patients combine their injections with Ulthera or RF microneedling to reduce submental fat while also lifting and tightening the jowl area. Other clients opt for jawline filler after the fat reduction process is complete in order to further sculpt the chin and jaw. Your provider will work with you on a treatment plan that is 100% customized to your specific needs should you require a more comprehensive plan to meet your aesthetic goals.


chin fat treatment

Client after one Kybella session.


combination jawline treatment

Same client after Kybella AND jawline filler.

As you can see, the combination of deoxycholic acid injections and jawline filler yielded optimal results for the above client.

Is It Fat … Or Just Sagging Skin?

In some cases, skin laxity (aka, sagging skin) in the lower face and jowel can present as submental fat. This is usually age-related and becomes more obvious to clients in their mid-to-late 30s. If this is the case, your provider will let you know during your consultation and can provide you with a number of non-surgical skin tightening options. The most common treatments include collagen induction therapies, like microneedling, Ultherapy, and TriLift Non-Surgical Rejuvenation.

skin laxity in the jowl

“Bullfrog” Swelling: Should I Be Worried?

Kybella “bullfrog” swelling refers to the severe swelling that some patients experience in the days immediately after their injections. Rest assured that swelling is 100% temporary and typically peaks after three days. The under-chin area will return to baseline over the next two weeks or so, and continue to improve over time. We typically find that the more fat present in the treatment area, the more severe the post-treatment swelling will be. However, swelling typically is less severe every time you receive treatment as there will be fewer fat cells to destroy each time. In general, we recommend that clients schedule their appointments when they do not have any special events on the calendar, and ideally on a day when they can go home and ice off and on for 48 hours.

The Truth About Patient Satisfaction & Fat-Dissolving Treatments

We have found that clients love their Kybella results as long as adequate expectations are set. Kybella does not yield overnight results. Final results emerge over several months, typically after several rounds of treatment. Kybella tends to be the perfect option for clients who do not have quite enough chin fat to be an appropriate candidate for CoolSculpting, but who also do not wish to undergo an invasive procedure like liposuction. While there is a minor risk of side effects, the procedure is inherently very safe and relatively simple.

Wondering if Kybella is right for you and your needs? Contact us here to schedule a consultation.