Lip Filler in L.A. – Why You Should Be Careful

August 2, 2023

The subject of this blog post might sound alarming, and in all honesty…it’s intentional. As a physician-owned med spa located in the heart of downtown L.A., clients often come to us after a negative experience somewhere else. Their stories are eerily similar: They searched for the cheapest lip filler price they could find and are now deeply unsatisfied with their results. They were also unsure of the experience level and credentials of the person who did their initial injections. lip filler la

The typical course of treatment for this scenario entails dissolving out the poorly-injected filler, allowing the lips to heal, and then re-injecting two weeks later. The client has now paid three times: Once for the initial faulty injection, once for dissolver, and once for re-treatment. Their search for the cheapest price cost them more money in the long run — not to mention the cost in time, stress, and discomfort.iller la

So, Why Does This Happen in L.A. So Much? lip filler la

A scary thing happens when a market becomes saturated (aka, when an area has more providers for a service than needed). The consumer has so many options that it can become difficult to tell the difference between a safe, quality establishment and one that merely has a shiny website.

Additionally, the immense popularity of certain aesthetic treatments can create the misconception that the treatment is “no big deal” and no-risk. A potential client may no longer think to vet an injector as they would another medical professional (for example, if you’re getting a root canal, you’d likely want to know your dentist has experience, right?). Finally, the popularity of aesthetic treatments on platforms like Instagram and TikTok can make the average person view lip injections like a routine haircut. But this is not the case.

Injectable treatments are indeed low risk…but only when done by a competent and well-trained provider. Filler injected by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can result in asymmetrical results at best, and actual necrosis (tissue death) at worst.

What You Can Do About It

Do your research before selecting a lip filler injector! Read reviews, call and ask how long a provider has been injecting, and ask to see before-and-afters from real clients. Also, if a price seems too good to be true it’s probably because it is. If a med spa can afford to offer extremely discounted prices it’s likely because they aren’t attracting experienced or sought-after providers — and that’s a red flag.

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