LipLase Costs: What to Expect

LipLase, aka laser lip plumping, uses laser energy to increase the natural volume and plumpness of the lips. It’s an alternative to injectables, and many clients voice interest in a modality that maintains their natural lip shape. While we’re getting an increasing number of questions about laser lip plumping, the most common question is often about LipLase cost — and more specifically, LipLase cost in Los Angeles. LipLase cost Los Angeles

But First, Some Basics You Need To Know LipLase cost Los Angeles

Laser lip plumping requires approximately 5 sessions spaced one week apart. You can begin to see changes as early as your third session. Additionally, your results will improve for up to four months after your final appointment as your body continues to build collagen in the treated area. The treatment is extremely tolerable (no numbing needed) and takes approximately 10-minutes.

Now, on to LipLase Costs!

On average, LipLase in Los Angeles costs between $200-$250 a session. Pricing varies due to the experience level of your provider, as well as location. (Practices renting office space in higher-priced neighborhoods necessarily transfer some of that cost onto their services).

As always, do your research before selecting a provider. How long have they been in business? Are they well-reviewed? Do they have a medical doctor on staff overseeing providers and standard practices? (You’d be surprised how many med spas don’t!) Finally: If a price seems too good to be true, it’s because it probably is. Groupon prices and ultra-low deals are a good indication that the providers on staff are inexperienced at best, and not hirable anywhere else at worst.

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