SkinVive Before and Afters: Real Photos

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Skinvive is the latest addition to the Juvéderm family of fillers. However, unlike other fillers, Skinvive is not designed to affect the shape or volume of the face. Instead, it’s formulated to improve skin tone and texture, adding an effervescent “glow” the the cheeks. According to Allergan — the company that manufactures the product— Skinvive does this by delivering hyaluronic acid (HA) just under the surface of the skin in the form of microdroplets. These microdroplets purportedly absorb moisture, literally hydrating skin from within. Final results are seen 30-days post injection, and results last up to six months. While this sounds good in theory, we wanted to see how this process worked for ourselves. Below are real Skinvive before and after photos taken 25 days apart at our practice.


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Skinvive Results

After 25 days, our model said she noticed a definite “inner glow” look when she went makeup free, and also said she had received several recent compliments on her skin. Close up photos of her cheeks confirmed noticeably smoother skin texture with fewer imperfections. Results are expected to get even better over the next five days, as they reach full effect at the one-month mark.

She says she would definitely recommend Skinvive to friends, “especially as we get into the dryer winter months when skin gets dull and dry.”

What To Expect When You Get Skinvive

The process entails about 15-20 “pricks” on each cheek. The injections are extremely superficial and because of this are significantly more comfortable than Botox injections and deeper fillers. As with all injections, bruising is definitely possible, but it is typically minor and should last no more than a week. Our model experienced extremely light bruising at the injection points that resolved within about three days.

Pairing Skinvive with Other Treatments

We’re finding that this is a fantastic compliment to treatments like Botox, filler, and facials. Injection time takes about 10 minutes, meaning it works beautifully and conveniently as an add-on service. Many of our facial clients — especially those that love hydration facials like The Hydrafacial and The DiamondGlow — have been receiving this treatment as part of their skin-maintenance plans.

Skinvive and Acne Scars

Skinvive is also proving to work as an excellent compliment to our acne scar treatment plans. We typically recommend injections as the final step after a series of microneedling and/or laser resurfacing sessions. The skin-smoothing injectable works to smooth out any remaining imperfections on the surface of the skin.

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