Lip Flips: Are They Worth The Hype?

June 14, 2024

Botox lip flip

Lip flip Botox® has recently become one of the most popular Botox® treatments in med spas across the country. And for good reason: A Botox® lip flip creates an ultra-natural fullness to the upper lip. There’s no risk of the dreaded “duck lips” and there’s no filler involved. The entire process takes about 10 minutes.

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This leads many of our clients to wonder: Is a lip flip with Botox® right for me?  The honest answer: It depends. Some clients are lip flip devotees, while others vastly prefer other means of lip shaping, like HA fillers or laser lip plumping. Read on to learn the basics, as well as how it compares to other popular treatments (and be sure to check out our lip flip before and afters below).

Lip Flip vs. Lip Filler vs. LipLase

A lip flip involves injecting 4-8 units of Botox® or a similar product, like Dysport or Daxxify, just above the upper lip. The goal is to relax the orbicularis oris muscle, which causes the upper lip to “flip” outwards. This gives the subtle illusion of a fuller lip. The treatment entails about 4 injections with a tiny needle, and final results are seen in 7-12 days. The treatment typically lasts 4 to 8 weeks.

Lip filler, however, entails injecting the lips with hyaluronic acid (HA). This instantly creates volume, and results can range from subtle to extremely dramatic, depending on the client’s goals. Results typically lasts 12-14 months.

Meanwhile, laser lip plumping, or LipLase, is an alternative form of lip shaping that does not require injections. Patients come in weekly for a series of five treatments, and results emerge in about 4 months.

Botox Lip Flip Before and Afters

lip flip before and after

Lip flip results. Note the natural-looking fullness achieved in the upper lip.

before and after lip flip

Subtle upper lip enhancement.

lip flip la

Increased volume and subtle correction of asymmetry.

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Lip Flip FAQs

Do Lip Flips Hurt?

Lip flips are quick and generally extremely tolerable. Your injector will numb the area with an ice pack for a few minutes before injecting, and you can also request a topical numbing gel if you know you are particularly sensitive. We recommend letting your injector know if this is the case, and arriving to your appointment a little early to allow time to apply the numbing product.

How Long Does a Lip Flip Last?

Most lip flips last 4-8 weeks, depending on how fast your body metabolizes out the product.

Why Would I Want a Lip Flip If It Might Only Last a Month?

Great question! A lip flip is a fantastic way to “dip your toes in” to lip enhancement in a non-permanent way. We have many clients who are interested in lip filler but want to do a trial run with a lip flip to ensure they are comfortable with the results. Others simply prefer the extremely natural results of a non-filler option. Additionally, many clients get lip flips with their lip filler to achieve the poutiest top lip possible.

Does A Lip Flip Need to Be Done with Botox®?

Definitely not! Any neurotoxin will have the same effect. This includes products like Dysport®, Daxxify®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau®. The product used often just depends on client and injector preference.

How Much Is a Lip Flip?

Lip flip cost — as with any aesthetic treatment — depends on a variety of factors, like geographic location and experience level of the provider. On average, you can expect to pay $150-$200. However, many offices simply charge per unit when a lip flip is done with other areas of the face.

Are There Any Lip Flip Risks?

A Botox® lip flip is by and large extremely safe. However, as with any medical-grade treatment, it does come with minor risks. You may experience mild bruising at the injection sites. Additionally, some clients temporarily experience limited range of motion in their upper lip which makes drinking from straws a little challenging. This side effect completely subsides as your Botox® wears off.

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