Laser Lip Plumping (LipLase)


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Laser lip plumping — also known as LipLase — is a non-invasise, non-injectable approach to plumping the lips and creating more pout. It has also been proven to decrease the distance between the upper lip and nose (the philtrum distance), which increases every decade starting at about age 25 and is a subtle, yet tell-tale sign of age. liplase in los angeles

Unlike lip fillers or a Botox “lip flip,” LipLase plumps lips by stimulating your body’s own collagen response through the use of an FDA-approved laser device. It’s your lips, just enhanced. LipLase is a fantastic treatment on its own, but can also be combined with all other lip-enhancing treatments for extra volume.

Read on for answers to the most commonly-asked questions about this new, non-invasive lip-plumping technique.

Does LipLase hurt? liplase in los angeles

Laser lip plumping is an extremely tolerable treatment — most patients do not even require numbing gel.

How long does it take?

LipLase takes about 10 minutes in-room, so you can expect your total appointment time (including check-in and check-out) to take about 30 minutes.

Are the results of laser lip plumping permanent?

Results last up to 12 months, which is about two months longer than most lip fillers.

How many sessions will I need? (And when will I see results?)

Clinical data shows that between 4-6 sessions spaced one week apart is ideal for best results. You will start to see small changes as early as the first few sessions, and results will continue to improve for as long as four months after your final appointment as your body continues to build collagen at the treatment site.

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