Natural-Looking Lip Filler Before & Afters (Our Favorite!)

June 5, 2023

Many people associate lip filler with looking “unnatural” or “overdone” (or worse — duck lips!). However, the reality is lip filler can look incredibly natural when done with a skilled injector who understands facial symmetry and the best injection techniques for each individual’s face. Here are just a few of our most recent lip filler before and after photos to give you an idea of what’s possible with the right provider.

(Note: All of our lip injections are done by either Dr. Lori or Nurse Danielle. You can book an appointment online or give us a call here!).

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Some clients come to us after having had a negative experience with lip filler in the past. They often associate their results with the type of filler used (for example, “My last injector used [Restylane/Juvéderm/RHA] filler, but I didn’t like the results so I don’t want that kind this time.”) While the type of filler can make a subtle difference, the reality is your injector is the main factor when it comes to your outcome. This is why we always advise doing your research before selecting a provider .

A number of our first-time clients initially come to us because they need to *dissolve* filler they received (often cheaply) somewhere else, costing them more money in the long-run.

The bottom line? Filler can look subtle, natural, and fabulous when you’re in the right hands!