Can I Wear Makeup After Microneedling?

November 9, 2023

Microneedling is one of our most popular in-office treatments — for both clients and staff alike. A series of 3-6 sessions does wonders for pore size, fine lines, and uneven skin texture, while also tightening skin and generating collagen. One of the most commonly-asked questions from clients involves their microneedling post care: Specifically if you can wear makeup after microneedling. The answer is yes, you can wear makeup after your microneedling session. However, you likely won’t want to for a number of days as your skin flakes and peels.

Below are our tips for microneedling post-care, including how and when to apply your makeup after microneedling should you choose to, and the best type of makeup to apply after treatment.

The Day Of Your Microneedling Treatment

microneedling day 1

Your skin will look red and feel flushed (similar to a sun burn) directly after treatment. It may also feel a little numb in certain areas for the first several hours after you leave the office due to the numbing cream applied during your treatment. It is extremely important to protect your skin from the sun today. We recommend bringing a wide-brimmed hat to your appointment and staying inside for the rest of the day.

In terms of skin care products after your microneedling treatment: Your provider will put a soothing post-procedure gel on your face, and she may also apply a tinted, medical-grade sunscreen. Do not touch your skin for the rest of the day. You do not even technically need to wash your face that night, though you can rinse with warm water and clean hands. You should not apply any skin care products during the first 24 hours after the microneedling procedure  — even a gentle moisturizer —  because the micro-injuries need time to close and heal. Touching the area too soon increases risk of infection.

Day 2-3 After Treatments

microneedling second day

You may apply makeup 24 hours after your microneedling session. However, your skin will feel a little rough at this stage, so it is best to use hydrating, cream-based makeup products. Powder-based makeup is more likely to cake and accentuate the temporary “rough” texture of your skin.

Day 3ish – Day 6ish

microneedling peeling

This is when the real peeling and flaking begins, revealing fresh, rejuvenated skin underneath. Because of this, most clients tend to avoid makeup altogether as it simply will not sit well on the face. We recommend using a gentle cleanser morning and night and applying moisturizer throughout the day to keep the dry areas as hydrated as possible. You should also apply SPF 50 or higher every two hours if you plan to be outside, as your skin is extremely sun sensitive during the healing process.

Pro Tip:  Many clients experience itching during this stage. Instead of scratching, apply a good moisturizer and hyaluronic acid. Your provider will have recs for the best moisturizer and HA for your skin.

Day 7- 8

microneedling final results

By now, your skin will almost be back to baseline. You should be able to apply makeup as long as you apply a good moisturizer beforehand. Some clients may experience some residual dryness for another day or two, so cream-based makeup will definitely sit better than powder-based if this is the case.


What is the best makeup after microneedling?

If you must use makeup the week after your microneedling appointment, it is always best to use gentle, sensitive-skin brands that are free of any added scents. Your skin is attempting to heal and regenerate during this time, and harsh chemicals or actives will inhibit this process. Our staff also highly recommends SkinBetter Science tinted SPF for post-microneedling. The tint drastically reduces the appearance of post-procedure redness, is safe to use directly after treatment, and matches many skin tones. (This product is available for purchase at our office or available online with our provider-specific link).

best makeup for microneedling

makeup directly after microneedling

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When Should I Wash My Face After Microneedling?

You should only wash your face with warm water the night of treatment. You can then wash your face with a gentle cleanser the following morning. Avoid cleansers with added scents or active ingredients.

Should I exfoliate after microneedling so my makeup sits better?

No! Avoid picking, peeling, or scrubbing your skin as it peels. The goal is to let the dead, dry skin fall off naturally. Picking or peeling prematurely will increase your risk of hyperpigmentation. By day 8, you should be able to use a gentle exfoliant, but be careful to not rub too vigorously. For absolute best results, we recommend abstaining from all at-home exfoliating products for two weeks and scheduling an in-office dermaplaning session at the 2-3 week mark. The expert exfoliation combined with our medical-grade nourishing serums will reveal glowing, rejuvenated skin that is also prepped and balanced for future treatments.

Do I need to alter my normal skin care routine after microneedling?

Refrain from using active ingredients like retinoids are salicylic acids for at least seven days after your microneedling procedure. You can wait even longer if your skin still feels sensitive. If you have absolutely any questions about your microneedling aftercare do not hesitate to reach out to your provider.

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