Why The Best HydraFacial in L.A. Isn’t a HydraFacial At All…


It happens at least several times a week: A potential new client calls our office and asks if we offer The HydraFacial™. We tell them no, we don’t. Well, not exactly. Our practice firmly believes in the med in med spa, meaning that the treatments we offer have been carefully researched, vetted, and yield proven results through clinical data. So when we were looking to acquire an ultra-hydration device, we ultimately opted for the DiamondGlow™ from Allergan (aka, the company that makes Botox). best hydrafacial los angeles

To back up a little: The DiamondGlow™ and HydraFacial devices are extremely similar in theory. They both extract, exfoliate, and infuse the skin with serums with one pass of a specialized wand, leaving the skin with an amazing day-of glow.

So, why did we choose The DiamondGlow™ over the HydraFacial™ Device? best hydrafacial los angeles

The answer is simple: The data supports it. The DiamondGlow™ device from Allergan yielded better results in clinical studies. Its effect on brown spots, hyperpigmentation, skin tone and texture, and fine lines was provable over time. Additionally, the device only uses SkinMedica serums, which are some of the most trusted and well-researched serums on the market. A DiamondGlow™ Facial can target brightness, congestion, or hydration, and it does so with one of the best skincare lines you could possibly put on your face. best hydrafacial los angeles

Plus, the results speak for themselves:

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The DiamondGlow™ Facial takes either 30 or 60 minutes, depending on which version you choose, and it’s a fabulous treatment to schedule between medical-grade treatments like laser and microneedling or simply as a stand alone treatment.

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