When Should You Start Getting Botox and Filler?

September 25, 2021

Botox and filler are used for a variety of reasons: refining jaw lines, enhancing lips, treating migraines (for real) — to name just a few. However, one of the most common reasons is treating visible signs of aging. Many of our clients come in with concerns over things like expression lines on their foreheads, but they’re not yet sure if it’s time to seriously consider injectables.

So, when should you start using Botox and fillers?

While there is no one-size fits all answer, there are a few rules of thumb that can help you determine if these options are a good fit for you and your current goals. Many people opt to begin Botox treatments in their mid-to-late 20s as a preventative measure, as it helps stop expression lines from forming in the first place. If you have an expressive face (meaning your eyebrows and forehead move a lot when you talk) preventative Botox in your 20s can be a fantastic option. If your forehead doesn’t move much during an average day, preventative Botox is likely an unnecessary expense.

Another good time to start Botox is when you notice lines across your forehead at the end of the day that aren’t there when you wake up in the morning. This means that your forehead is beginning to develop expression wrinkles — but they are not yet permanent. This is the perfect time to begin Botox! Once those lines are visible first thing in the morning/when your face is at rest, Botox will not “undo” them.

Okay, but what about filler?

We start experiencing age-related volume loss in our faces at around age 25. This is typically first perceptible around the jaw line and mouth, with many clients starting to complain of smile and frown lines on their lower faces by their early 30s.

Filler in the cheeks can serve to plump the upper face ever-so-slightly, which has a lifting effect on the lower face. Injections in the “parenthesis” around the nose and mouth further plump the region. This process can shave several years off the overall appearance of the face.

When to start this process is completely up to you. Some clients wait until their 40s and 50s, while others prefer to start as soon as they notice a change.

I’m still scared — are there other options?

We understand that injections aren’t for everyone, which is why we also offer Ulthera® — aka the “non-surgical face lift.” Ulthera® entails applying ultrasonic waves to the face, jawline, and neck, which cause your body to generate new collagen in these areas. Our staff is also a huge proponent of Microneedling, which produces collagen and reduces fine lines and wrinkles when done regularly.

We also highly recommend using quality retinals, peptide creams, and SPFs. These all help prevent free-radical damage from the sun and keep the skin plump and elastic. (Unsure what products to use? Come in for a complimentary skin consult with an aesthetician and we’ll tailor a routine for your specific needs).

And of course, you can always come in for a consult with our medical team to discuss all of your options.