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Many of our patients are familiar with Botox and Botox-like treatments for wrinkle reduction. But many are much less familiar with masseter Botox injections. This leads us to the understandable question: What is masseter Botox? Masseter Botox is a medical-grade jawline treatment that typically has one of two goals. The first is to alleviate jaw pain caused by TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. The second — and most relevant for most of our aesthetic clients — is to slim and refine the jawline. It is an extremely common, safe, and well-tolerated procedure that can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Masseter Botox™ before and after in Los Angeles.

Firstly, Some Masseter Botox FAQs

Who Is A Good Candidate For Masseter Reduction?

There is no “right” candidate for masseter reduction. Treatment often simply depends on a client’s individual preferences and facial balancing goals. Clients suffering from TMJ are often excellent candidates for treatment regardless of aesthetic goals.

Does Masseter Botox Hurt? Masseter Botox® Before And After in Los Angeles

It is an extremely tolerable procedure. It does not require any topical numbing and it is done within minutes.

Can You Do Masseter Dysport™, Masseter Daxxify™, or Masseter Xeomin™?

Absolutely! In this context, Botox is used as a catch-all word for any and all neuromodulators. Similar products designed to relax and immobilize muscles are also extremely effective.

How Many Units Will I Need? masseter Botox before and after in los angeles

The number of Botox units (or Dysport, Daxxify, Xeomin, etc.) varies from person-to-person, depending on factors like face shape and muscle strength. We typically see anywhere from 15 units of Botox per side (30 units total) to 40 units per side (80 units total). Additionally, male patients can expect to require more units than female patients.

Is There A Way To Reduce Masseter Muscles Naturally, Without Botox?

There is not much that can be done to reduce masseter size without medical-grade intervention like Botox™. This is because masseter muscle size is genetic. However, repeated Botox treatments to relax the area will cause a reduction in these muscles over time, and clients will ultimately require fewer treatments to maintain the same results.

Masseter Botox Before and After Photos In Los Angeles


More FAQs

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

As with all aesthetic treatments, masseter Botox cost will vary by geographic location and the experience level of your provider. In general, most patients can expect to pay between $420 – $1,400. It is important to always choose a experienced and skilled provider when selecting your masseter injector.

What Is Proper Aftercare?

Masseter Botox aftercare is identical to Botox treatments in all other areas of the face. Avoid touching or rubbing the treated area for at least 24 hours. Avoid lying down or bending over for at least 4 hours after treatment. Avoid strenuous exercise or excessive heat exposure for at least 24 hours after treatment. Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking for at least 24 hours after treatment.

Will I Bruise?

As with all injectable treatments, there is a chance of mild bruising with masseter injections. Any potential bruising should clear up within a week and is not cause for concern.

Can I combine masseter Botox with other treatments?

Absolutely. This treatment pairs extremely well with chin and jawline filler, as well as cheek filler to achieve optimum facial balancing.

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