Spider Vein Treatments

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Spider veins (telangiecstasias) are the small, red or purplish veins that appear just under the skin, typically on our thighs and behind the knees. They often occur as we age, after pregnancy, or from many hours spent standing on our feet.  While spider veins are not dangerous or cause for medical concern, they can be a point of self-consciousness and distress for many of our clients. (In fact, “how to get rid of spider veins” and “spider vein treatment” is one of the most popular search terms on our website). spider vein treatment in downtown los angeles

Before Treatment

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After Treatment

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The good news is there is effective, comfortable spider vein treatment available! Our providers utilize laser technology to target the area(s) of concern and break up the clusters of superficial veins. Most clients require three to four laser sessions spaced four weeks apart in order to see the most significant change, though some clients see improvement in as little as just one appointment. spider vein treatment in downtown los angeles

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