TriLift® Facial Rejuvenation

TriLift® facial rejuvenation takes RF microneedling to the next level — giving you the fastest and most effective facial rejuvenation on the market. Our TriLift® device combines the clinically-proven benefits of RF microneedling with dynamic muscle stimulation. This means you benefit from three different anti-aging modalities (radio frequency, microneedling, and facial muscle toning) in one treatment. MedBeautyLA is pleased to be the premiere provider of TriLift® in downtown Los Angeles. trilift cost

What Is Dynamic Muscle Stimulation? 

Many beauty and fitness savvy clients have likely heard of dynamic muscle stimulation for the body — aka the process of using electromagnetic stimulation to sculpt and strengthen muscle. The triLift® device uses this same process, but applies it to the musculature of the face. The 16-minute process has been called a “paradigm shift in facial rejuvenation.” The treatment gives clients an instant day-of lift, and repeated treatments will lift and contour the face for up to six months.

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The Most Comfortable RF Microneedling On The Market

RF Microneedling is an FDA–approved treatment that combines two proven nonsurgical methods of tightening the skin, improving skin tone and texture, treating acne scarring, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. The problem? Traditional devices are extremely painful (just ask anyone who’s done it…). The triLift® device takes proven technology and delivers it in a new way, making the previously unpleasant process incredibly comfortable.

triLift® Face Lift vs Morpheus 8

Why do we choose triLift® over Morpheus 8? This blog post goes into the many reasons why we feel triLift® is superior to Morpheus 8 in every key category.

Who is a Good Candidate for Facial Toning with triLift®?

There is no right age to begin strengthening your facial muscles and toning the skin. Clients in their 20s and early 30s can use the treatment as a preventative measure. Meanwhile, clients in their mid 30s and above can use triLift® to reverse already visible signs of aging, like sagging jowls and marionette lines. It is also a fantastic treatment for increasing facial contour.

For Optimal Results

Clients will see the most dramatic results when all three triLift® modalities are used together in a six week trilift® “bootcamp.” This entails five to six treatments spaced about one week apart.  triLift® in downtow

TriLift® Cost

A full triLift® treatment protocol entails five sessions spaced about one week apart. The total cost is $5,000, and it includes all five sessions. TriLift® cost is another reason that many clients opt for it over more invasive options (for example, a surgical face lift — even a minor adjustment — typically costs at least $12,000).

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