Trilift™ Face Lift: Is It Better Than Morpheus8®?

October 24, 2022

Now that the triLift® face lift-like effect treatment is gaining in popularity, our clients have been asking one simple (and understandable) question: What’s better? Trilift™ vs. Morpheus8®?

Both triLift and Morpheus8 utilize radiofrequency energy and microneedling treatments (aka RF microneedling) to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production. Both triLift treatments and Morpheus8 treatments are minimally invasive, and both address fine lines and wrinkles, firm the treatment area, and result in improved skin texture. They are both well tolerated by most skin types, and can be used on a number of treatment areas, including the face, face and neck, chest, and even stretch marks.

However, there are significant differences between the two treatments, and several reasons why our practice has opted to offer triLift over the older Morpheus® device.

1.) TriLift® Utilizes Newer Technology

Morpheus8® treatment was a game-changer when it first came to market almost a decade ago. But therein lies the problem … the technology has not been updated in years. Meanwhile, triLift utilizes the latest technology in RF microneedling to deliver the most effective results possible. (Think: A brand new iPhone from four years ago was the best on the market at the time … but would you repurchase that same phone today? Probably not).

2.) TriLift Provides A Much More Comfortable Experience — With Less Downtime

RF microneedling has traditionally been extremely uncomfortable. In fact, many of our own staff and clients have tried  Morpheus and did not opt for further treatments because of the level of discomfort. Trilift, however, delivers the most comfortable RF microneedling experience currently available — without sacrificing clinical results. It also has a downtime of about three days, whereas Morpheus8 downtime entails a week-long recovery. TriLift clients can expect some redness and minor swelling at the treatment site for 24-48 hours and some light peeling. Morpheus8 clients often report swelling for up to 5 days.

3.) TriLift Uses Dynamic Muscle Stimulation

This is the real “x-factor” when it comes to trilift versus Morpheus. While Morpheus offers two anti-aging modalities (RF + microneedling), trilift facial rejuvenation provides three: RF, microneedling, and dynamic muscle stimulation. Dynamic muscle stim uses targeted electrocurrents to stimulate and strengthen the muscles in the cheeks and face. This tones and lifts your facial muscles, which in turn tones and lifts the skin above them.®

4.) triLift vs. Morpheus8 Costs

Directly comparing triLift cost with Morpheus8 cost is a little misleading. It’s more accurate to compare the cost of triLift treatment with Morpheus and a second modality like EmFace (as in, a device that provides dynamic muscle stim). TriLift treatments are by far the more cost effective option when these multiple modalities are taken into account.

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