TriLift: Before and After Photos

It’s been just about 10 weeks since our office began offering TriLift facial rejuvenation. This means that we now have several clients who have completed their Trilift treatment protocol … which also means TriLift before and after photos!

For those unfamiliar, TriLift is the most advanced form of RF microneedling on the market. Not only is it more comfortable than older modalities, but it combines traditional RF microneedling with dynamic muscle stimulation. RF microneedling resurfaces skin tone and texture and generates collagen, while dynamic muscle stimulation tones and lifts facial muscles that sag and deflate with age. This three-pronged approach leads to some of the fastest and dramatic non-surgical results available.

TriLift Before and After Photos


trilift before and after


trilift before and after

Note difference in jaw line. Results after 4 treatments.


trilift before and after

Trilift also improves skin tone and texture.

More Trilift Before and Afters!

TriLift before and after photos


Trilift before and after

Learn more about TriLift facial rejuvenation and see video of what treatment looks like here!