triLift Cost: Is It Worth It?

October 3, 2022

trilift cost

Courtesy of the Garden Medical Spa

TriLift® facial rejuvenation combines traditional RF microneedling with dynamic muscle stimulation. This results in one of the fastest and most dramatic non-surgical face lifts on the market. TriLift entails five sessions spaced one week apart with pricing typically between $3900-$5,000. This leads many of our clients to (understandably!) ask: Is triLift cost worth it?

While our practice and providers obviously believe that yes(!), it is, we also believe in full transparency. We want you to understand why we opt to offer certain services, devices, and anti-aging modalities over others. Here’s why we here at MedBeautyLA selected the triLift RF microneedling program as our signature non-surgical face lift device.

1.) Pain (Or Lack There Of)  trilift® cost

RF microneedling has been a staple in anti-aging and collagen regeneration treatments for close to a decade. However — as anyone who has received it can tell you — RF microneedling has traditionally been extremely painful. Many of our staff and clients tried devices like Morpheus8 in the past only to give up on their treatment plan after the first session because of the discomfort. The triLift utilizes the latest in medical technology to deliver comfortable RF microneedling (finally!). Many clients do not even require a topical numbing cream, which is literally unheard of on other devices.

2.) Time To Results

The other key difference between triLift and older anti-aging therapies is that it combines traditional RF microneedling with dynamic muscle stimulation (think: EmSculpt). This means that you are targeting sagging and drooping using three distinct modalities: radio frequency for collagen induction, microneedling for tone and texture, and dynamic muscle stimulation to lift facial muscles that shrink and deflate as we age. The combination approach means you can begin seeing changes in your face in as little as one week, and will see dramatic results in as little as five.

3.) No Surgery Needed

The average cost of a face lift in the U.S. is $8,500 — and that’s before you factor in the anesthesiologist fee, operating room fee, and other related expenses. All in, a face lift in Los Angeles costs between $15,000-$28,000. Not to mention the weeks of downtime, which entails swelling, bruising, and (yes) at-home fluid drainage tubes. Not only does triLift entail literally zero downtime, but triLift cost becomes more than reasonable when compared to the surgical alternatives.

Bottom line? We wholeheartedly recommend triLift for any client looking to reverse signs of facial aging or for anyone interested in getting ahead of it preemptively. Seriously — just ask our staff — all of whom are obsessed with this treatment. We are thrilled to be one of the first triLift providers in Los Angeles!

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