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The high concentration TCA CROSS technique is a specialized process designed for the safe and effective treatment of “ice pick” acne scars. Ice pick scars are a type of acne scarring that appears as sharp indentations and are widest at the skin’s surface. Unlike a TCA peel, which is applied to the entire face and typically contains between 10-20% trichloroacetic acid, the TCA CROSS treatment contains 100% TCA and is only applied to atrophic acne scars. The treated area — and only the treated area — will peel and regenerate over the next several days. This leads to the reconstruction of skin scars and the chemical reconstruction of skin. MedBeautyLA currently offers TCA CROSS, as well as the option of an Extended Acne Treatment Program which includes several other treatments.

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What to Expect During and After Your Treatment

The process itself is extremely tolerable and takes between 30-45 minutes, depending on the number of treatment sites. The client will experience scabbing and flaking of the treatment sites within several days of the procedure. Sun avoidance and regular daily application of a strong SPF is mandatory for at least two weeks after treatment.


Because several rounds of treatment are necessary in order to obtain results, TCA must be administered at least four times on the same area, with sessions spaced approximately two weeks apart.

Pricing is tiered by number of treatment spots:

  • 10 or less treatment spots: $450/session ($1800 for the full four treatments)
  • More than 10 treatment spots: $900/session ($3,600 for the full four treatments)

The MedBeautyLA Extended Acne Scar Treatment Program

MedBeautyLA’s Extended Acne Scar Treatment Program entails the following treatments and schedule:

  • 1 Microneedling Session
  • 1st TCA CROSS (TCA C) session (four weeks post microneedling)
  • 2nd TCA CROSS session (two weeks post initial TCA treatment)
  • 1 laser resurfacing session (two weeks post second TCA treatment)
  • 3rd TCA CROSS session (two weeks post ResurFX)
  • 4th (and final) TCA CROSS session (two weeks post third TCA treatment)
  • DTLA Deep Hydration Facial to replenish and rebalance the skin (one month post final TCA CROSS session)

Mandatory at-home skin care products may include (cost included in price of package): (1) antioxidant serum, (1) SkinBetter AlphaRet Overnight Cream, (1) Sente Dermal Repair Moisturizer.

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Small area: $2,995 – at-home products are complimentary and included in package

Moderate-to-Large area: $5,245 – at-home products are complimentary and included in package

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