ResurFX: Why We Love It (And Why We WON’T use ablative lasers)

Laser facials and laser skin resurfacing treatments have grown tremendously in the aesthetics’ space in the past decade. However, with so many laser options to choose from and so many competing brands making big claims, it can be hard to know which options are genuinely most effective versus which merely have great marketing campaigns. Our office is a huge advocate of ResurFx laser facials from Lumenis. The reason? The treatment provides the deepest layer of resurfacing possible without the discomfort, scabbing, and recovery of older models. Below are some recent ResurFX before and after photos from our clinic:

ResurFX Before and After Photos


ResurFX after photo

ResurFx – results after one session.


Resurfx before and after

Results after 2 sessions.


Resurfx before and after photos

Results after one IPL + ResurFX with at-home pigment corrector.


Resurfx laser before and after

Skin improvements after a single ResurFX laser session.

A little more on the treatment:

Traditionally, the most effective laser resurfacing treatments required “ablative” lasers. These laser treatments cause significant scabbing, peeling, and a painful recovery process that last several weeks. They also entail risk of infection as the skin barrier is necessarily compromised. ResurFX utilizes newer laser technology that can penetrate just as deeply without the extreme discomfort and downtime.

Treatment takes about 45 minutes and leaves the skin flushed and red for 24-48 hours. Skin returns to baseline for most clients after about 7 days.

Does It Hurt?

The treatment area is numbed for 25-30 minutes before your session, rendering the resurfacing treatment extremely comfortable.

Other Benefits

This particular laser not only improves skin tone and texture, but it also reduces the appearance of stretch marks and stimulates collagen in treated areas. It is one of our hands-down favorite in-office treatments for its many uses and benefits.

Want to know if ResurFX skin resurfacing is right for you? Book a consult or contact us here.