PDO Threads

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PDO, or Polydioxanone, threads are a way to achieve lift without going under the knife. They are an ideal treatment for patients looking to rejuvenate without the downtime of surgery. MedBeautyLA is your go-to provider for PDO threads in downtown Los Angeles.

When Should I Consider PDO Threads?

The ideal age to start considering threads is typically in our 30s. Threads can help address any laxity by stimulating collagen and lifting the tissue in the face, jawline, and neck. A good candidate for threads is someone who has mild to moderate laxity and desires a natural lift.

Patients who want a subtle lift to the tissue and have realistic expectations about the degree of lift that threads can provide are the best candidates. A typical PDO thread lift treatment consists of treating the mid and lower face simultaneously in order to get the best results. Pairing this treatment with treatments like microneedling, Sculptra, or dermal fillers will give our patient the most natural and long-lasting results.

Finding a reputable PDO thread provider in Los Angeles can be hard. Finding PDO threads in downtown Los Angeles at a place you trust can be even harder. We’re here to fill that gap and give you first-rate results.

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