Why Laser Lip Plumping Helps You Look Younger

If you spend time on Instagram and TikTok beauty accounts then you may know that LipLase, aka laser lip plumping, is having a moment. There are seemingly countless gorgeous young women touting the benefits of this treatment; specifically, the fact that it’s a natural, non-invasive lip plumping treatment that does not entail lip filler. Better…

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LipLase Before And Afters — Real Results From Our Office

LipLase, or laser lip plumping, has quickly become one of our favorite in-office treatments. It’s a non-invasive, natural method of plumping the lips without the use of injectables. Instead of traditional lip filler, clients come for five, 10-minute weekly laser treatments targeting the upper lip, lower lip, or both. This results in a short-term and…

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LipLase Costs: What to Expect

  LipLase, aka laser lip plumping, uses laser energy to increase the natural volume and plumpness of the lips. It’s an alternative to injectables, and many clients voice interest in a modality that maintains their natural lip shape. While we’re getting an increasing number of questions about laser lip plumping, the most common question is…

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