Why Laser Lip Plumping Helps You Look Younger

If you spend time on Instagram and TikTok beauty accounts then you may know that LipLase, aka laser lip plumping, is having a moment. There are seemingly countless gorgeous young women touting the benefits of this treatment; specifically, the fact that it’s a natural, non-invasive lip plumping treatment that does not entail lip filler. Better yet, results can last up to two years. But there’s another benefit to LipLase that many of these young beauty vloggers aren’t flagging: LipLase helps men and women in their 30s, 40s, and beyond look younger. liplase la

Why LipLase Contributes To A More Youthful Appearance liplase la

Visible signs of aging are sometimes so subtle that we don’t even register why someone looks older — only that they do. For example, whereas more obvious signs of age may include a sagging jowl or pronounced wrinkles, a more subtle sign of age is the decrease in distance between our eyes and eye lids over time, or the ever-so-slight hollowing of our cheeks as we transition from our early-to-mid 30s. The average person cannot put their finger on these seemingly minor visual cues, but the overall effect is that of an aging face.

One of these subtle-yet-perceptible signs of aging is a decrease in philtrum distance, or the distance between the upper lip and nose. This distance increases by about 0.5 millimeters every decade beginning at age 20 and results in a noticeably thinner upper lip as we approach our 50s. Reducing this distance by even half a millimeter contributes to the appearance of a more youthful face.

Most people won’t know exactly why you look younger, but they will definitely perceive an overall refresh! (Especially in combination with a few other non-surgical subtle adjustments, like Sculptra to address hollowing cheeks or TriLift for expression lines around the mouth).

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