Everything to Know About the L.A. Contour Facial

BOOK NOW! We recently introduced two brand new facials to our menu of services: the DTLA Deep Hydration Facial and the L.A. Contour Facial (both personally curated by our highly experienced Head Aesthetician, Holly Byerly). While the purpose of a deep hydration treatment is pretty self-explanatory, a number of clients have asked about the L.A….

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The SaltFacial 411

Of all the facials we offer at MedBeautyLA, The SaltFacial generates the most curiosity among new clients. Many have never heard of the medical-grade treatment, and those who get it often become devotees. So, what exactly is this mysterious SaltFacial? The Basics The SaltFacial is a three-step process that takes about 50 minutes. The first…

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Infusing Retro Indulgence Into Your Modern Skincare Routine

While the science of beauty has come incredibly far in the last few decades, beauty routines are nothing new. Cleopatra was known to bathe in milk and honey. Audrey Hepburn reportedly gave herself a steam facial twice a week. Marilyn Monroe had such a specific cleansing and toning process that it will soon be on…

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