The SaltFacial 411

June 11, 2021

Of all the facials we offer at MedBeautyLA, The SaltFacial generates the most curiosity among new clients. Many have never heard of the medical-grade treatment, and those who get it often become devotees. So, what exactly is this mysterious SaltFacial?

The Basics

The SaltFacial is a three-step process that takes about 50 minutes. The first step entails organic, sea salt-based exfoliation. The microfine sea salt detoxifies the skin while also prepping it for maximum product absorption. It’s applied via a specialized pressure-flow machine, making it much gentler than other forms of microderm abrasion.

After that, active serums tailored specifically for your skin are applied using an ultrasonic wand. This nourishes and replenishes the skin, and allows products to penetrate more deeply.

The last step of the SaltFacial is the application of targeted, medical-grade LED light. The light is tailored to sooth acne, calm redness, or regenerate collagen, depending on your needs.

The Results

The SaltFacial requires no down time and leaves your skin with a day-of glow (it’s a great “pre-event facial” because of this). Perhaps, even more importantly, The SaltFacial has a number of therapeutic long-term benefits when received regularly (once every six weeks or so). It treats active acne, acne scarring, uneven skin tone, and decreases visible signs of aging. It’s also tolerated by almost all skin types, truly making it unique in the world of skin care.

Clients who try this specific facial for the first time usually become devotees, and — when paired with a quality at-home skincare routine — have seen some pretty remarkable results.



MedBeautyLA is one of the few places to offer The SaltFacial in LA, so give us a call, text, or email if interested in booking an appointment now!