Everything to Know About the L.A. Contour Facial

July 1, 2021


L.A. Contour Facial

We recently introduced two brand new facials to our menu of services: the DTLA Deep Hydration Facial and the L.A. Contour Facial (both personally curated by our highly experienced Head Aesthetician, Holly Byerly). While the purpose of a deep hydration treatment is pretty self-explanatory, a number of clients have asked about the L.A. Contour Facial.

Specifically: What does the LA. Contour Facial do, and who is it for?

The L.A. Contour Facial is designed to stimulate collagen production (aka, the “cushion” that keeps our skin looking young and plump) while softening fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a fantastic option for someone looking for a non-invasive Botox alternative, as well as anyone interested in either reducing visible signs of aging or aging-prevention.

What does the L.A. Contour Facial entail?

The L.A. Contour Facial entails a deep cleanse and gentle enzyme exfoliation followed by a peptide-based contour mask. The peptide mask sits on the skin for several minutes, stimulating collagen production while softening the appearance of fine lines and expression wrinkles.

This is followed by a lymphatic drainage massage with stones or ice globes (depending on client skin-type and needs). The ultra relaxing treatment concludes with the application of medical-grade LED light, which reduces redness, improves circulation, and promotes collagen production. You’ll leave with smooth, supple, and hydrated skin.

Interested in learning more about our L.A. Contour Facial? Give us a call, or book online now!