Why Regularly-Scheduled Facials Are Important

facialMany people view facials as an “only every once in a while” indulgence — something reserved for special occasions or “treat yourself” moments. However, regularly-scheduled facials (as in every 4-6 weeks) are actually a major part of an effective skin care routine, and go a long way in helping your skin look and feel its best.

The reason? A professional aesthetician can administer products and procedures that simply aren’t safe to do for yourself at home. This can include anything from extractions (which can damage and scar your skin if done incorrectly), to strong chemical peels, to microneedling and microdermabrasion. A well-reputed medispa will also offer services to which the average person just realistically doesn’t have access, like ultrasound and targeted phototherapy. Regular facials also increase the efficacy of your at-home products; many people note that their skin absorbs serums and creams faster after a facial because layers of dead skin have been removed.

Regular appointments with a licenced skin care expert can also help you identify skin care issues before they become a more significant problem. Prime example: I once visited an aesthetician shortly after incorporating retinal into my skin care routine. She instantly noticed that my skin was more sensitive and reactive than normal when she completed an extraction, and encouraged me to use the product less in order to keep the outermost layer of my skin strong and healthy. My skin went from good to great after this minor adjustment, but I honestly wouldn’t have considered it without her input.

And finally, let’s not forget the importance of proper skin care in the age of COVID-19. Many of us have been wearing protective masks for large portions of the day, and it takes a toll on our skin. A lot of at-home acne routines just aren’t cutting it under these extreme environmental factors, whereas medical-grade facial services, like the three-step SaltFacial, can make a significant difference.

This isn’t to say that your daily at-home skincare routine isn’t also crucial. It’s that the combination of both at-home and professional skin care practices are needed for optimum results. Think of an at-home routine without regular facials like eating a healthy diet, but never going to the gym; both are needed to help you look and feel your best.

MedBeautyLA is currently offering a number of medical-grade facials designed to keep your skincare on point during these trying times. Call, text, or email to find out which services are best for you and your current needs!

Authored by: Toria Sheffield