Why MedBeautyLA Facials Are My Favorite Facials. Period. 

November 24, 2020

Today’s post is all about one of my absolute favorite things about the facials at our medispa...AKA why I recommend MedBeautyLA to my friends/anyone else I meet who’s looking for a new go-to facial spot. And yes, I work here, which might make me biased. But I’ve also received countless beauty treatments over the years in both Los Angeles and New York, which means I also know a unique and special place when I find one. 

One of my biggest gripes about a ton of spas I’ve visited in the past is the lack of personalization. There were sometimes so many people on staff that I’d see a different provider every time I booked an appointment, or my aesthetician only vaguely remembered me and my skin care concerns from visit-to-visit. I’ve had a couple experiences where I even felt like a “factory-farmed patient,” where the goal was to get me in and out as quickly as possible so that a higher volume of customers could be seen that day.

This is why I was so struck by the client protocol at MedBeauty when I first began working here. We only have two aestheticians on staff — Holly Byerly and Joanna Garcia — which means you are almost always guaranteed you’ll see the same skin care expert every time you come in. Additionally, because our team is so small, the level of personalized care is extremely high. We know each and every one of our patients, and Holly and Joanna take a ton of time listening to each client’s needs and concerns. This also means that the recommended skin care routine for each client is never the same. You leave our office with a personalized skin care regimen curated specifically for you, and it will be adjusted based on your evolving needs and goals.

Our staff is then literally just a text or phone call away should you have any questions or concerns between visits (yes, both Holly and Joanna give you their personal numbers and are always happy to dole out skin care advice). The amount of genuine care and familiarity our staff has with our patients blows me away  — and is woefully hard to find, even in a town full of aesthetic providers.

Bottom line: Yes, MedBeautyLA hires highly-qualified and experienced professionals. Yes, we offer the latest in a variety of medical-grade and non-medical-grade procedures. Yes, our office is cute AF. But the thing that makes us truly distinct is the level of attention and personalized care you receive when you visit. Skin care isn’t a one-size fits all game, and we’re about catering your treatment to you.

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Author: Toria Sheffield