What Are The Best Lip Fillers? (Hint: It’s a Trick Question…)

June 5, 2023

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The internet can be a great resource for information when it comes to lip fillers in Los Angeles — as well as dermal fillers in general. However, we find that all that great info can sometimes lead to major confusion. Specifically when it comes to which lip fillers are “best.” lip fillers los angeles

In reality, the leading brands of lip fillers are all relatively similar. Your injector is the most significant factor when it comes to your outcome (as well as proper post-care, of course!). Los Angeles is an extremely saturated market for cosmetic procedures and injectables, and the skill and experience of an injector can vary widely. A quality provider will have thorough training in multiple injection techniques, several hundred hours logged (at least), and have a firm understanding of how all areas of the face work together as a whole to create facial balance.

So…how do you find a skilled provider for lip fillers in Los Angeles? Great question! There are several things to look out for:

    • The price. Skilled, experienced injectors gravitate to employers that can adequately compensate, and that — for better or worse — means you won’t find them at “Groupon”-style establishments.  If a med spa is charging below-market rates, they are undoubtedly paying their injectors below-market as well. Which means … inexperienced providers at best, and injectors who can’t get a job anywhere else at worst.
    • The credentials. Can the office provide lip filler before and after photos? Does their website have a section explaining who does the injections, as well as provide their experience and training? If not, there’s probably a reason, and you should avoid!
    • (Legitimate) Online Reviews. Online reviews are an excellent starting point when finding a quality provider/location near you. Just remember that the quality of the reviews matters. Do the reviews sound like they’re from real clients? Do they seem suspiciously generic? There are a lot of sneaky ways to get reviewed as a business, so it’s important to be discerning.

The big take away? If you’ve been unhappy with Juvéderm Volbella, Restylane Kysse, RHAs, etc., there is a  good chance that the filler was not the actual source of the issue. Ready to schedule a consult? You can schedule online here or give us a call to book an appointment!