Why REYN “Base Serum” Is My New Skin Care Staple

April 30, 2021

New “game-changing” skincare products are a dime a dozen, and sorting through all the hype and marketing can get both daunting and exhausting. That’s why I didn’t get too excited when my LA-based esthetician, Holly Byerly, recommended REYN Base Serum. Holly — who has 20 years of skin care experience — co-founded REYN and spent three years developing this one specific product … and if anything that only made me more skeptical (because who wouldn’t rave about their own product line, right?)

However, I was in the market for a new serum and the packaging was incredibly cute, so I took REYN Base Serum home and followed Holly’s simple instructions: Apply morning and night before your other products.

My initial impression was admittedly favorable. REYN absorbed into my skin super fast while leaving me with an instant glow. I also noticed that my skin’s baseline genuinely seemed to improve a few weeks into use. The usual flakiness in dry areas was gone, it didn’t get red at the smallest irritation, and it didn’t cause breakouts on my combination skin. Better yet, my 34-year-old complexion seemed plumper and less dull overall — almost the way it did when I lived in the insanely humid suburbs of Washington D.C. (which, while brutal on my hair, was amazing for my skin).

I didn’t become actively obsessed with REYN, however, until I saw its genuine healing powers in action. Long story short, I was gifted a trendy exfoliating product for the holidays and it literally chemically burned my face. Terrified of making it worse, I stopped using every product I owned until I could show the burn to Holly. After sagely assessing the damage, she told me to apply my REYN serum as usual. “It’ll heal a lot faster. Trust me,” she said.

Sure enough, the redness, soreness, and inflammation decreased within hours of applying REYN, and my skin had almost completely healed within a couple days. 

And it makes sense. Holly and her REYN co-founder specifically designed REYN Base Serum to “kickstart your body’s natural healing and regeneration powers.” Meaning, yes, it’s great for alleviating active damage (like the aforementioned chemical burn situation), but it’s also fantastic for rejuvenation, aging prevention, and overall skin health. Think about it: If REYN repairs actual injury, how much must it be doing for your skin on just a regular day? (Answer: A lot).

I finally feel like I’ve found my “holy grail” skin care product, and I now recommend REYN to basically anyone who will listen. Don’t believe me? (I probably wouldn’t either). Try it for yourself and see. You’re welcome in advance. :)

-Victoria (MedBeautyLA employee AND client)

We now sell REYN here at MedBeautyLA. Call, text, or email to purchase — or come on down and pick up a bottle in person.