Redensity RHA Filler: A Game Changer For Expression Lines


Many of our clients have been asking about Redensity RHA filler — a relatively new filler that has been getting tons of recent attention in the aesthetics’ space. So we thought it was the perfect time for an RHA 101 post.

What is Redensity RHA Filler?

RHA is a family of fillers made by the company Revance (think: Allergan makes Juvéderm fillers; Galderma makes Restylane fillers, and Revance makes RHA fillers). RHA Redensity filler is a specific filler within the RHA line, and it’s the only FDA-approved filler designed to treat more surface level expression wrinkles, like smoker’s lines, fine lines on the lips, and Crow’s Feet.

Who is a good candidate for Redensity?

While all fillers in the RHA family are good options for lines and wrinkles in the most dynamic parts of the face, RHA Redensity filler is specifically designed to smooth and plump pesky fine lines. This means it’s a great option for clients who have already treated deeper indentations and are now looking to smooth and perfect.

How Much Does Redensity Cost?

Redensity is priced by syringe and is on-par with the price of fillers from other brands. Your exact price will depend on several factors, the most important ones being face size how many areas of the face you plan to treat.

Curious about Redensity? Come in for a consult and get all your questions answered by one of our injectors. 🙂