Nose Filler Cost — What Should I Expect?

June 15, 2023

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Results after one syringe of filler. Injector: Dr. Lori Aliksanian

Nose filler, also called “non-surgical rhinoplasty,” entails injecting the nose with filler in order to refine the overall shape and aesthetic. The effects are immediate and last up to 18 months, and also allow clients to avoid the downtime of invasive surgery. While many of our clients are incredibly intrigued by the prospect of addressing an area of concern with a single in-office treatment, many (understandably!) also want to know what to expect in terms of their bank account. nose filler cost. cost of nose filler. nose filler los angeles

Nose Filler Cost — The 411

Much like with any filler, nose filler costs depend on several factors, and factor #1 is location. Filler pricing varies greatly from state-to-state, and even city-to-city.

The second factor is the skill and experience of your provider, as more experienced injectors will typically have built up enough of a reputation to value their services at a higher price point than an injector who is just starting out.

Finally, the number of syringes required to achieve your desired result will affect your bottom line. Some clients can achieve their desired level of correction with a single syringe of filler, while others may require two or three. Typically, you can expect to pay an average of $1200 for the service in most major markets.

A Quick Warning About Nose Filler!

While nose filler is considered low-risk and non-invasive, it’s considered a more high risk area to inject than most others. This is because the nose contains a network of blood vessels, and injecting incorrectly can lead to necrosis, or tissue death. This is why going to an experienced injector is critical when you’re considering this specific service. Again, the risks are incredibly low when you’re in the right hands…so all the more reason to do you research before selecting a provider!

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