The Do’s and Don’ts of At-Home Facials

December 9, 2020

2020 has seen a surge in the at-home self-care industry. We’ve seen more home manicures, an increase in bottled hair dye sales, and — yes — the rise of the home facial kit.

And while at-home facials are an incredibly helpful tool for keeping our skin looking and feeling its best while spas remain closed, it’s important to remember that not all at-home facial kits are created equal. In fact, we strongly encourage our patients to invest in aesthetician-curated kits over generic, mass produced ones. Even when the generic kit is from a reputable brand.

Why, you ask?

The biggest (and most obvious) difference between a generic home facial kit and one created specifically for you is, well … the fact that it’s created specifically for you. This is important because skin care is not a one-size fits all game. One client may be dealing with both oily skin and dry patches. Another may be working towards both acne and wrinkle prevention. Yet another may be attempting to brighten their complexion without upsetting an already healthy moisture balance. And on and o The more product specificity you can achieve for your specific skin, the better the overall results will be.

And That’s Not All

Additionally, a lot of generic facial kits contain some majorly powerful ingredients, but they don’t account for the products you’re already using. This can lead to over exfoliation, irritation, and even slight burns. All things that can be easily avoided with the oversight of a trained professional.

I often break down the importance of aesthetician-guided skincare as such: Yes, we can all work out at a gym by ourselves … but none of us would argue that working out with the help of a personal trainer and nutritionist will yield faster and more efficient results. It can even reveal a variety of small things that prevent us from achieving our goals (or are even actively harming us). The same holds true for your skin: It’s always better to seek the guidance of a trained professional if you can.

Call us to ask about our home facial kits!

MedBeautyLA is currently offering personalized at-home facial kits curated specifically for you and your skin. Complimentary virtual skin consultation with one of our on-staff aestheticians included. All facials are derived from our premier product lines: SkinMedica, SkinBetterScience, Dermaquest, and VMV Hypoallergenics.

Our aestheticians, Holly Byerly and Joanna Garcia, create your at-home facial themselves. They are available via text, email, or phone for any and all follow-up questions upon receipt.

Author: Toria Sheffield